Keto Diet Meal Prep

A Look Back At My Monthly Meal Prep — October 2017

On October 3rd, Mark Sisson released his book, ‘The Keto Reset Diet.’ So let’s take a look back at my monthly meal prep — October 2017 featuring recipes from this new cookbook!

A keto diet helps the body produce ketones which are used as energy. It is low-carb so that the body can burn fat and has less sugar to use as fuel. It’s filled with high fats, fish, meat, eggs, organic/grass fed dairy and vegetables that grow above the ground! I was excited to include recipes from Mark Sisson’s new book in this months meal-prep. Everything was extremely flavorful, filling and had all the right kinds of fats to keep my body energized all day long. Our new favorite was the Thai Shrimp Soup which we will absolutely be making again and again! Ryan couldn’t believe that I had made it and even asked if I had ordered in from a restaurant!

Egg Muffins In Ham Cups (p. 204)

Vegetable Frittata (p. 196)

Perfectly Roasted Brussels Sprouts (p. 274), Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus (p. 275), Turnip Hashbrowns (p. 200)

Roasted Salmon (p. 242) Curly Caveman Raw Energy Almond Butter Ground Beef (p. 232)

Thai Shrimp Soup (p. 252)

Thank you Primal Kitchen Foods for sponsoring this post. It means so much to be able to work with brands that I love.

Originally published at on October 10, 2017.

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