“Land Ho!” A New Sober Frontier

“He that will not set sail till all dangers are over must never put to sea.” ~Thomas Fuller

A sober life defines my character and my actions. At one point in my life I did not understand what that meant. As I look around, I finally understand that I AM the captain of my soul-ship. I have the necessary elements (my higher power) to guide me each step of the way, but my day-to-day life becomes a mosaic of my actions. What I do today helps me sail beyond the shores of my understanding and into a future that holds my own personal booty (aka treasure).

As I navigate the vast spiritual waters of my soul, I toss overboard what no longer serves my spiritual evolution. Yet, at the same time, I am discovering new sober frontiers of ambition that are developing from trusting the winds that drive my determination to succeed. When fear, confusion, or anxiety float up from the depth of my subconscious, I take a deep breath and look for ways to nurture the part of me that feels uncertain of the open water ahead. This is where I pause, and pray, for the increased awareness to bring into focus what needs my immediate attention so that I can move beyond any limitations, fancied or real. When I’ve had time to properly investigate the source of the mental leaks in my boat, I refocus my attention to the map and compass, pull the anchor, and set sail for the open seas once again.

Am I cured of all of my “scallywag” defects? Absolutely not! I do, however, spend time each day reflecting on what makes me feel complete, whole, and free from emotional white squalls. This helps me move closer to what feels good and farther away from what does not feel good. The captain of any ship must make choices to protect the vessel and the crew from danger while on the high seas. When I learn to navigate my waters, I am essentially sailing with my visions in tow. When I think bigger, I can dream bigger! And when I can dream bigger, I can create a new map of who I am and who I desire to be as a sober woman. I am no longer a landlubber. I’ve re-balanced my sea legs and I am surely ready to set sail, even in stormy weather. I am on a continuous adventure as I eagerly seek the treasures of my heart (aka booty).

“Self-doubt is the anchor that keeps our ship from sailing.” ~Thomas Fuller

Originally published at www.rebeccaledwards.com

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