I was an avid sci-fi consumer from an early age, and the aliens landing seemed to be a recurring theme. I delved into the public library, and my emerging inner libraries and asked the questions: “are they here; how long have they been here; are we the aliens on another planet…another dimension; am I an alien…am I alone; if not, how do I find my peeps; how do I fit; what is my mission?”


I rationalized my existence and went on through my early years, calling myself “different,” and went onto accepting things, understandings and skills, that came to me as my norm and my personal sci-fi movie. I came to, still accept and softly promote the concept that sci-fi movies are actually test marketing, as anything imagined is doable or done. […and so it seems, they ease concepts and technologies, under the guise of entertainment]

…well…when I attempted to jump off high structures to fly and while I couldn’t get my wings to unfold, I still had day and night dreams of being in flight…living underwater…seeing other sides or dimensions, and then…one-by-one, I found myself having conversations with a limited few who didn’t think I was crazy! In fact there felt like a tribe of space-gypsies that was growing.

Doors and opportunities continued to unfold and by the age of 21, I was teaching at a university. I also had met Dr. George Clinton in my 20th year and thought I had found my tribe, as we were “not from here.”

“Do NOT attempt to adjust your radio! Welcome to station w.e.f.u.n.k, better know as We Funk and we have taken control as to bring you this very special show…we will return it to you, as soon as you are groovin”

Forty-four years later, I find myself in a world that includes kindred spirits and others who have bit their lips, over the years, but were having similar experiences and beliefs.

Welcome to my living room, where love is the center of my Universe and anything is possible….I believe in you and if we believe in each other’s truths…we will fly above the dregs of today and build a tomorrow that we can survive and thrive onto our higher selves.

Fried Ice Cream, anyone¿