Leaders on the Loving Edge

There is no shortage of great offerings online for entrepreneurial women, coaching/mentoring & strategies to support their success.

We know this, but perhaps, we are tiring of it all; rather we want to redefine our power and create our own businesses & visions in our own way. The truth is, our greatest success grows from just one, tiny seed. That seed sprouts when we lead from our loving edge. It’s time for something new.

Meet the colliding forces of entrepreneurialism; Natalie Armstrong, a spiritual teacher and business mentor & Nicky Glover, an award winning digital producer and true voice activator. So what happens when two stars collide? In this case they birth theledge.co to elevate thought leaders, mentors & coaches into spiritual rockstar status by awakening their superpowers and establishing their platform.

As Leaders on The Loving Edge, they share a deep motivation & vision that drives them to make real, big visions, both for themselves & their clients. They support conscious entrepreneurs to awaken a powerful presence, new levels of leadership, an influential & profitable online platform, build tribes, inspire with their message, create legendary videos that fill high ticket programs, retreats, events & masterminds. Just all of the ingredients to establishing a truly legendary online business.

In this new world of entrepreneurialism there is no longer a separation between business & being. The ultimate ‘strategy’ Nicky & Natalie speak about are ‘The Inner Technologies’ that awaken like a superpower and provide leaders with an incomparable edge. A whole new era in business & leadership is being defined. A desire to align spiritual ideals with practical realities allows possibility to become reality.

‘It all begins with developing our inner platform’ Natalie says, ‘As high, far & wide as we go is determined only by how deeply anchored and aligned we are within’. Especially when we are here bring forward new ideas and share messages that change the world. ‘It takes a deep connection with our inspiration & intuition to lead this new way’, the rare few choose it.

As internationally-minded entrepreneurs, they decided their loving edge was best leveraged by coming together. Together an exciting & dynamic combination, supporting leaders to awaken their voice, create radical wealth, radical health, and radical lifestyles doing what they most love in the most powerful & profitable way. Here they say is the loving edge.

To be a Leader on the Loving Edge, is to expand from within, grow & go beyond what is typical & laid out, and allow what is truly seeking to birth through us, to unfold. Life and business lived on the loving edge takes our work, our voice & leadership into the world. At the loving edge, time collapses in on itself, and what once would have taken years & decades to create, is created in an instant. Results, experiences & opportunities previously unheard of become ours. Simply through the union of the inner & the outer.

Nicky & Natalie have supported countless thought leaders & mentors to awaken their superpowers and then marry that with aligned strategies that skyrocket their results in as little as 90 days. ‘It doesn’t take time’ Natalie says ‘It takes alignment, and that happens in an instant’. They ask; ‘Are you ready to meet your loving edge and lead your life & business where it has never been before, by becoming what you haven’t yet become so you can create what you haven’t yet created?’

As more people are coming to know, there is much more to living a successful life than just earning money in the traditional ways. However in the pursuit of freedom we are losing our connection to what really matters. Yet Nicky & Natalie remind us when we do the things that are most inspiring — choose a life that truly matters & the do the work we alone are born to do — the pain of struggle is replaced with abundance and miracles, and importantly results.

We celebrate the coming together of two spiritual rockstars, Nicky and Natalie, whose vision is to see a global tribe of Leaders Living On The Loving Edge. To find out how to create your vision & business on the Loving Edge, meet Nicky & Natalie here http://theledge.co.