Photo by Joshua Ness on Unsplash

Learning To Let Go of Attachments: My Latest Dating Adventure

When it comes to dating, you never know how things will play out. In many cases, it’s best to limit your expectations or attachment to an outcome.

I recently wrote about how I chose to let go of my ego and accept a rescheduled date from someone who was a no show on a scheduled first date. The person followed up with me after the planned meeting time and her apology seemed sincere. But for me it still felt like being stood up. It took a lot of empathy on my part to be open to giving the date a second chance.

On the following day, I went on that rescheduled date with a forgiving heart and very little expectations. I just wanted to be present and let whatever was going to happen transpire. The outcome of the date exceeded my expectation in ways that I didn’t imagine.

As I walked into the date shortly after 5 pm, I had a plan of simply meeting for a drink, having the typical get to know you conversation, and being home by 7 pm. Ok I guess I had more than a few expectations…Within the first fifteen minutes though, I quickly realized that this date was going to be far from vanilla. I would need to abandon my expectations and just have fun.

We met at this cute little café/bike shop for a drink. We talked for hours and ended up being the last customers in the store as the place was closing for the evening. We were so oblivious to the time that the staff was literally cleaning and putting away chairs before we realized that it was time for us to leave. The chemistry between us was strong and it was apparent.

After leaving the bike café, my date then invited me to Top Golf. This was my first experience at a driving range. I even got to meet her cousin who was visiting from out of town. They both coached me and taught me how to swing and make contact with the ball. I am a big proponent of introducing play into a date whenever you can. Play gets everyone out of their respective head and helps with being present.

As the night progressed the time at Top Golf gave way to lots of laughing, flirting and subtle touching. We were having so much fun together that, similar to our time at the bike café, we were hanging around Top Golf long enough to be one of the final customers to leave. Luckily this time we were a little more cognizant of staff cleaning around us and avoided having to make an awkward exit.

The evening ended with us walking back to the car arm-in-arm, and sharing a kiss that felt sweet and timely. The chemistry between us was strong.


This year for me is all about being open to new experiences and challenging my beliefs and non-negotiables. This date was an example of me being true to that intention.