Left It All to Gain Everything. A Doctor’s Story.

The first step in a physician’s quest to cure burnout

A Background Entangled in Life’s Irony:

Step One, Changing the Context:

The Charlotte Context

The New Zealand Context:

In New Zealand, the context has changed. The life and people of NZ do not covet stuff, are not interested in social standing, kids are not raised to measure success in riches, outward appearances are not praised on magazine covers or plastered on billboards. (The few magazines on the stands are from UK, Australia, or US). The Kiwis embrace imperfections, accept their age, and understand complications of living and aging. They push living to the limits, but accept the consequences. With this comes a respect for physicians as humans. The doctors are expected to do their best, to improve, not necessarily perfect. For example, a perfect 20 year old knee is not the goal of knee replacement in a 60 year old man. Return of function is praised and side effects are expected with this type of surgery.

Summarizing 700 words:

The context has changed. The layers of distraction have been removed. John found joy in orthopaedics again. Peace has been regained.

Step Two, Reconstructing a Peaceful Life:

Now that the burned out surgeon found joy in his art, how will he redesign his practice and life in the US? I have no idea! But I am down here in the trenches being toughened up by the Kiwis, and will let you know as the story unfolds.

Make this year, they year of finding of fulfilment, of joy, peace, and purpose — author unknown. Ana-Maria Temple, MD

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Ana-Maria Temple, MD

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General Pediatrician with an integrative approach, Blogger at Familywellnesstips.com, Mother of 3, Living in New Zealand for 1 year to recharge

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More than living. Thriving.