Let It Go

Finding your “it” every single day is key.

You must actively search for your “it” like a daily habit.

“It” might be that your favorite team lost.

You are not your team.

“It” might be that your kid ripped a hole in the new trampoline.

You are not the rip nor the trampoline.

“It” might be that you’ve broken your promise to work out a little each day.

You are not your promises, kept ones or broken ones.

“It” might be that you’re mad at yourself for making too many darn promises.

You are not your thoughts.

You are the peaceful gap between your thoughts. This gap, this peaceful place, is where letting go begins.

Microstep: Whatever your “it” is today, right now, this moment — you have the power to let it go.

Originally published at drsteven.com.