Let’s Stop Blaming our Childhood for Lack of Success and Take Massive Action Now.

I understand your resentment. You were not sent to the appropriate school, you were not given the opportunities that your peers had. Your childhood sucked. It deprived you of so much that could facilitate your road to success. Instead, you simply missed it all. It’s now too late.

You weren’t raised the way you should have been, you didn’t grow up where you should have. It all matters, doesn’t it? Read on.

I read an article months ago here on Medium by Pat Aitcheson where she described her terrifying experience of being forced to drink warm milk as a child. I could relate to these words so strongly that I had to comment. I had to voice my childhood trauma of being forced to drink warm milk everyday when I was in preschool. Everyday the teacher gave us all a mug of warm milk and we were forced to drink it. I was always the last one to finish together with another milk drinking looser. And if you think this wasn’t already terrible enough, everyday there was a contest between us two who will be the last and the one before last to finish the milk — me or the other boy.

Pat’s article made me feel so sad, nostalgic and full of regrets. Why didn’t anybody save me? Why was drinking warm milk my daily obligation? Wasn’t anyone aware that ice cream contains milk as well?

Pat’s story was similar, she was also forced to drink warm milk as a little girl. After I commented, Pat said that the warm milk made us who we are — strong high achiever women.

This perspective was very new and fresh. It dissipated other regrets about my childhood, which I have been holding on to.

I have realized that the warm milk and growing up the way I had, shaped me and made me who I am now. I didn’t have it easy as a little girl growing up in Poland, I had to struggle. I wasn’t offered opportunities I was craving even though my parents were doing the best they could. I was craving ease not realizing that this struggle would shape a strong woman entrepreneur ready to succeed at anything she would set her mind to.

I paid for my college in NYC, I got a job on Wall Street in 2003 when no one was hiring. I started a successful jewelry brand, created remote lifestyle moving to Hawaii where I now live and run the business remotely. I wrote a book and got an agent who sold it.

Looking back I’m grateful I wasn’t driven to different extracurricular activities and given allowance to buy anything I wanted.

I am glad I had to struggle and work for everything I have. I didn’t win anything, nothing was given to me. It all came via the windy road filled with hustle.

I’m glad I didn’t have it easy, I’m glad I was forced to do things I didn’t like. I got introduced to the entrepreneurial life very early, one sip of warm milk at a time.


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