Life after I quit my corporate job without a back-up plan

Because you cannot always plan life

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Change is the essence of life and quitting a corporate job, though scary, can open up a vista of changes in yours.

Life was good even as a corporate employee in one of the largest advertising companies in the country. The journey had only just begun. It was exciting and full of challenges. Health became a major challenge. Life as an advertising professional is stressful and can take its toll if you lose your work-life balance.

It got so bad that I was struck with an acute gastrointestinal attack and hospitalized. What was more, I needed a few months to recuperate. So I quit. That was the first time.

After a couple of months, I decided to rejoin the bandwagon. Though I was mindful of the stress. So I chose to work with a smaller start-up events firm this time. Only a couple weeks had passed when I lost my mother. A major setback. I took the required leave for completing all the rituals and joined the company back in about 20 days.

My stint in the corporate ecosphere was probably not meant to be. My father started losing health as he was finding it difficult to cope with life after my mother. Since I was in a different city, I decided to quit. Again. A final time.

When I quit I did not really have a plan in place, except that I would help my father and brother in the family business which did not have much to do with my professional training.

The one thing I did know was that my family needed me. Especially, my father.

After three years of helping them, it was as if some divine providence intervened. I joined a local folk music workshop. This led to a series of learning opportunities including preparatory training of Indian classical dance form Kathak, a few months of training in Hindustani classical music — vocal, a brush with the theater and then, above everything else, a realization of what I really loved doing — writing!

I now have one published short story, several published articles on different blogs and sites, and many more to come. I am also working on my book and I recently started working with a content creation company as a freelance writer.

What’s more, I didn’t just start meditating regularly, I have successfully completed two Pranic Healing® courses and learned some beautiful meditation techniques. My stress levels have drastically decreased. I smile more now.

So much for quitting the corporate rat race without a plan. Hence, it doesn’t make sense to be afraid when you lack a plan, life has a way of working out on its own.

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