Life begins at…?

Today is the day that I reach the grand age of 40. I remember my mum’s 40th birthday party so well and thinking “Wow, that’s soooo old”… So as I say happy birthday to me 🍾🍰🎉🎈 ….it got me thinking about that old saying that

“Life Begins at 40”…

…and when I think about this I know that in fact it’s NO, LIFE BEGINS WHEN YOU WANT IT TO.

By biggest awakening to a Wonderful Life? Was when I experienced unconditional love and a true heart opening. When I saw the magnificence of the Universe, the hidden order and that life is truly happening for me, not to me.

It was after I experienced this at a workshop that my perception of life shifted for good. I released so much old baggage and heavy emotional stories that I opened my heart to me and the life I really would love to life.

I didn’t just dare to dream, I dared to actually go for it. And I realised then that there was no escaping from the dichotomy of good and bad, it was more about going for what inspires me daily and in that inspired state, my heart was open to all that was on that path…

You see, when you do what you truly wish for, your heart is big enough to take all the support and challenges on the path to that goal. There is no escaping the balance of the Universe, but you can shift to see how both sides are crafting you to succeed.

That workshop was with someone dear to my heart and I am so honoured to have him participate in my retreat coming up in November in Ibiza — my fave place in the world! You can see more about the retreat on my website.

I truly believe that each of us deserves this level of love for their life and to live a most wonderful life so join me there and I promise, you’ll be transformed for good 😉

Love Kelly


Originally published at on September 24, 2017.

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