Life Is All About Continuous Learning

A Story of Creative Youngster.

There is a will, there is a way — that’s an attitude enlighten the characteristics of this youngster, who is the role model for various versatile artists. Growing up from small town Mehsana of Gujraat in India, Akshit Rohda was a most dominated student during school days.

Akshit during Bollywood project implementation

His life was pretty dramatic, when his father passed away during 2001, when he was studying in school in standard 1st, right from that pain his other family members came front for the support & helped him to complete his schooling, like other kids that revolved mostly around friends, family and school. He didn’t have any desire to excel in studies or in any other field.

Akshit Rohda — A Creative Youngster

He woke up with learning desire, faith in God and an aim to excel in whatever he does. He started taking his passion quite seriously. All he had with him to change his. His courage has rewarded as he started seeing improvements in his life. His interest towards photography started to improve. He started to contributed in wedding photography. “Every experience & my continuous learning has molded me into what I am today.” There was a time, when people laughing at me due to my tiny height, during photo shoots, he says.

Akshit during photography

He has come a long way from desire to learn cinematography. Since childhood his family has taught him to work for humanity and love and help artistic people in need. With his family’s support, he completed his high schooling from Mehsana, Gujraat — India.

He was always focused on his career and believed that artist should work hard to carve a niche for themselves and should build a career to become financially independent. This belief and courageous heart helped him in being a best wedding photographer right from 15th year of his age.

‘I too had own trials and tribulations in life. On the surface it all looks so smooth but I have gone through lot of sacrifices to achieve. Only my family members would know that Akshit was a very passionate boy for wedding photography & cinematography’, Akshit recalls.

Wedding photo-shoot by Akshit

He met some marvelous people and learnt photography from his mentor — Mr. Lalit Rohda, in addition of that he was looking out for some change and learnt Cinematography from Mr. Brijesh Chauhan who is the founder of small studio is Gujrat. ‘Getting solid support from recognized actor, Mr. Maulik Chauhan about film making since 10 years.’, he says.

Akshit’s work as Cinematographer

RACI model in the industry talks about ‘Responsibility, Accountability, Consulted & Informed’, while driving bigger organization, while considering the fact of Akshit Rohada’s work is totally wrinkled up with RACI model.

I want to give one message to all the artist professionals- “Always work with passion towards your art & creative spark, it needs startup.” — He says.

Akshit Rohda — As an Associate Cinematographer in Bollywood Film
Akshit’s contribution so far –
· In March 2016, he worked as Still photographer in ‘Wrong Side Raju’ — A national award winner Gujarti Film.
· Director of Photography — ‘The Suspect’ (A Short Film) during April 2017
He worked as Assistant Cinematographer in Expectation vs Reality — A Gujrati Short film released in Feb 2017
· Associate Cinematographer — Hausla Aur Raste (A Hindi Short Film) — Releasing in Sept 2017
Akshit — During Shoot

He signs off with the message-“You can achieve anything that you want in life if you have desire for continuous learning.”