Life Is The Race — Persistence Made Him Winner

A Painful Story Of Hardworking Boy From Rural Area.

When you go through difficult time in life, it always reminds you to wake up & perform with persistence — that’s an quality attitude enlighten the characteristics of this boy, who is the perfect example for many people in the field of journalism. Growing up from small village Kumily of Madhya Pradesh in India, Durgaprasad Barve was dominated student during schools days.

Durgaprasad Barve, covering social event as a reporter

His life was pretty dramatic, when his parents asked him to leave home during 2007, when he was studying in school in Higher Secondary, right from that pain his friends came front for the support & helped him to find the way for two times meal, like other kids that revolved mostly around friends. He didn’t have any desire to excel in studies but he was having clear vision in life.

Barve’s struggle started right from getting basic cloths & education. “My father would earn Rs 1000 a month, while selling brooms. We were among the families of 4 members that struggle to search for two meals a day,” he recalls.

While covering newson TV channels

He woke up with learning desire, faith in God and an aim to excel in whatever he does. He started taking his passion quite seriously. All he had with him to change his. His courage has rewarded as he started seeing improvements in his life. His interest towards media & journalism started to improve. He started to represent as national bureau chief reporter in public events “Every pain & insults has molded me into what I am today.” There was a time, when people laughing at me due to my poor dressing sense & dirty clothes, he says.

Things were not at all manageable in 2007. “I was in 12th standard was preparing for my board exams. We couldn’t even afford to buy books and cloths. Sensing that my future was at stake, decided to go out for part-time work to earn some money, worked as ‘lower class labor’ in company, used to get 200 Rs. per day”, Barve recalls.

Everyone faces insecurities and other challenges. Barve did too. But he wanted to redefine it, and was busy in setting up an example for people across the country to understand their hidden potential. “Being employee of an organization, then worked ‘as security guard to security supervisor’ made me think to establish & run an organization independently, formed a venture to help people to get work”, he says.

While taking an interviews of Cops/Officers

Having seen extreme hardship, Durgaprasad Barve who is now working with a reputed media company as chief bureau reporter in India, has been spending his maximum time of people development in rural areas. “Till now, I am representing three media channels, those covers crime news, corruption news & social positive news. Still working for betterment of society to enable wider opportunities for skilled people to get the platform via my organization named as Race Force Security Services certified under ISO 9001:2005”, he adds.

Barve while doing press conference via video call
Barve’s contribution so far –
· In March 2012, he joined a reputed media company as a reporter to explore the industry and now working as National chief bureau reporter to cover the crime news at national level for ONI News.
· Founded manpower organization named as ‘Race Force Security Services’, and currently leading 40+ co-workers to drive the mission for employment establishment in 2014.

He signs off with the message-“work with unity & always be united to achieve something in life, work hard till the end & definitely your persistence make you feel like a winner.”