Life Lessons from Swimming 155 Miles in 100 Days

How to Motivate Yourself to Achieve an Impossible Dream

When I’m not writing about innovative technologies and leadership, I compete in endurance sports and model. After racing in an Olympic-distance triathlon, I embarked on an epic adventure of swimming 100 days of 100 laps. My goal was to swim 250,000 meters, 155 miles, in 100 days. It was an endeavor of love dedicated to my mom who died from cancer of unknown origin years ago. These were some of the life lessons that I gained from the experience.

Grit is a beautiful thing

Grit is a combination of hard work, persistence and discipline. It takes grit to swim 100 days of 100 laps. Want to achieve a big, impossible dream? Put in the hours of grinding hard work, preparation, sacrifice and effort to make it happen. Success is the outcome of pure grit, and it’s a beautiful thing.

Focus on the process

If you focus on how you swim, the process, the rest will take care of itself. Just like in team sports, don’t focus only on winning, focus instead on how you play the game. If you improve how you play, winning becomes a by-product. In life, if you focus on your journey, not just the destination, you will be much happier. Put one foot forward and stay in continuous motion. Never, ever give up.

Perspective is everything

Turn every negative thought to a positive, and quickly. Extreme endurance swimming is 50% mental, 40% physical and 10% crazy. It’s uncomfortable. The water is always cold. You are constantly feeling some sort of pain, in or out of the pool because you are swimming massive amounts every day. The key is to quickly turn any negative thought that comes to mind into a positive one. Redirect your mind to the positive.

  • Can’t do it? Will do it!
  • Want to quit? Quitting is not an option.
  • How much longer? Doesn’t matter, just keep going!
  • There’s one way through it, and that is by doing it.
  • Don’t say it’s hard… it’s a challenge!

It starts with you, and ends with you

We enter this world alone, and die alone. Or do we? Your life can only be lived out by you. But you are never alone. We are all connected. Only you can motivate yourself to achieve your dreams and put in the massive effort. It’s your life, your journey. Whatever you do, don’t ever hold back. The only thing to fear is passion unfulfilled and a world unexplored.

When my mom passed away years ago, it felt as if a part of me died too. During the 100 days, that part of me that I lost was resurrected. I transcended the grief and broke through preconceived limits to achieve greater heights.

The impossible is achievable.

Cami Rosso

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Originally published at on November 10, 2016.