Life’s A Changin’

This time last year life was VERY different than life is right now.

I had no thought,intention, or desire to be an author of a Children’s picture book but apparently life had different ideas for me. I have written a lot in the past about how I was never a “Plan your whole life” type of person. Opportunities just seem to approach me like a friendly stranger and I acquaint myself with them. If we click, we spend more time getting to know each other and then If I like how things unfold, I pack my bags and my imagination and my life go on what always turns out to be an interesting journey.

In the past year a story popped into my head while I was taking a break from writing about something totally unrelated. I let my mind follow the idea and within an hour I had a story. I continued doing the same thing thing for the next four days and VOILA, I had a series of Children’s book.

That was the easy part. Everything after that point has been a challenge that I was and am still willing to accept.

I hope you follow me on my new journey filled with twists and turns, ups and downs and new business partners including an ex- husband.

Yes, it’s that kind of story. Perhaps to be written in another book one day.

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