Little Miracles of Everyday Life

Remember to acknowledge and express gratitude

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

The hubbub of everyday life leaves little to no time for most of us to complete even our daily chores. Stopping and admiring the little miracles of nature and life, then, is a distant possibility.

What is life however if you cannot even acknowledge what is happening to you on an everyday basis?

We wait for miracles to happen when we are caught in quicksand. We want to be saved and a miracle to us is only the out-of-the-ordinary. When the business is going through the dumps or when we’ve lost a job, when the boss is a nitpicker or when the neighbor is a nuisance, when a loved one’s life is in danger or when we are walking through an abandoned alley, we pray and hope that a miracle occurs and we are saved.

I’m not saying that such miracles don’t occur. They do. However, they aren’t the only miracles you witness in your day or your lifetime.

It is a miracle that the sun rises every day. It is a miracle that we rise up too, every day. It is a miracle that we can breathe. It is a miracle that the body intuitively knows what to breathe. It is a miracle that our heart is pumping without being commanded to do so. It is a miracle we can see. It is a miracle we can hear. It is a miracle we can eat and speak using the same mouth. It is a miracle that we can touch and feel and walk and lift. It is a miracle that we know what something as abstract as emotion is.

Imagine a day when the sun forgets to rise or the earth stops to rotate. Imagine a day when you don’t rise up. Or a day when you cannot breathe. Or your heart stops to pump. Or your eyes stop to see. Or your ears stop to hear. Or your mouth cannot eat or your speech is lost. Or you cannot touch nor feel nor walk nor lift. Or you stop to feel any emotion what-so-ever.

Well, the last may actually be good in a way because when you can’t feel any emotion, you don’t know what it feels like to not feel anything.

However, if any of the other things stop to happen, and mind you, the above list is hardly a chip of the iceberg of such beautiful miracles we experience everyday, we would actually come to know what miracle exists in the existence of these naturally occurring phenomena.

Recently, someone I know lost both his feet in a tragic train accident. When I visited him at the hospital I was left reeling with heaviness. The man used to take us to school when my brother and I were kids. He was a rickshaw-puller and his feet earned his wages. Later, as he aged, he became a gardener but we all know how important feet are for a gardener too. Heck, they are important for each and every one of us. They are a gift. A miracle.

Isn’t it a great idea then, to remember each of these everyday miracles in our lives and thank the Almighty or the Creator for blessing us with them. It is important to acknowledge and express gratitude for all of these miracles everyday if we want our lives to be full of miracles, big and small.