Love is a Treasure ~ How Do You Value it?


Value is found in what we are willing to give in exchange for something. The value of love is found through dedication and devotion to something or someone you love. The question is; what are you willing to give in exchange for love? Everything in life is an exchange of give and take. Nothing is gained without some kind of sacrifice. An inhale must be exchanged for an exhale or human life cannot exist.

Love comes in many shapes and in many forms. Romantic love is one kind of love, but love of family, friends, interest, work and life are also aspects of love that fill the heart and nourish the soul. Love may come and it may go more than once in your life time. No two loves will ever be the same. Romantic love may come with a burst of powerful energy, but it will evaporate and change with time. How it changes is based upon the absence or presence of true love. So do not think yourself unfortunate if you have loved and lost. Love comes and love goes without reason or cause. It is whimsical and comes as it will. If it comes enjoy it and if it must depart let it go. No amount of fretting and anguishing will bring it back. Love like anything of value requires time and patients so it can gestate and mature.

The chance to discover this treasure called love should never be missed. Even the misfires, mistakes and regrets will teach us so much about ourselves and about others, when we give and receive love. This does not mean we should avoid love. We just have to remember that love always involves compromise. It requires the ability to back down even when you think you are right. Perspective and attitude determine whether love lives or dies.

We are all familiar with St Valentine and how he martyred himself for his cause and his belief. Many people have given their life for a belief and a cause that they loved dearly. And so the legend goes, St Valentine condemned to death sent a note to the jailors daughter whom he had befriended while in jail. He signed it from your Valentine. Was this a sacrifice or a proclamation of love?

Devotion is another aspect of love. Bhakti yoga teaches us that if we devote ourselves to that which we love, we will discover the true meaning of love, happiness and success. In Ireland there is a church that up until several years ago held the heart of St Lawrence who fought the battle to free Ireland from oppression. Upon his death bed he asked that his heart be taken, put

in a leather case and placed in the Christ Church in Dublin to show his deep devotion and love for his country. Sadly a few years ago thieves broke into the Church and stole the heart. All that is left is a broken empty case. Never steal or break another person’s heart. It always leaves an empty painful hole.

Love is exciting, enticing, but it can also be painful, disappointing and empty. However, when love comes to you use it to make yourself a better person. Know the universe has a perfect accounting system. To know love you must experience both the pleasure and the pain. Still; love is a treasure — value it.

Tis better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. Alfred Tennysson

Happy Valentines

Doctor Lynn

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