Magic. Success. And Freedom.

The journey to connecting with our spirit and the magic that comes when our inner voice is heard.

A year ago, I hosted a dinner with a coach who led 15 girlfriends and me through a life-visioning experience. The goal was to articulate a vision for our lives, one that was already within us, waiting to be realized. She guided us through a meditation visioning exercise and had us really connect with the light within. Then immediately after, we wrote for 15 minutes straight… writing without stopping in a complete free-flowing mind download. We wrote in the present tense what we wanted, how we envisioned our lives, what it felt like…what we saw.

I had no trouble writing page after page; my vision was clear. I was in a forest holding hands with a group of children, we were standing in a circle laughing, laughing hard and having an amazing time. To this day I do not know the meaning of that vision, but what I do know is that one word kept coming up, page after page. I must have written “freedom” 50 times.

At the time I was in a challenging work environment and felt stifled, controlled and judged. My creative soul, which I have since learned needs to fully express itself, was slowly shutting down and screaming on its way out “Give me FREEDOM!” There was this feeling, which I described in my first post, that the essence of who I was had started to slowly diminish, as if it was giving up. Tired of being shut down, rejected and ignored. I really felt like my spirit was dying. And it was.

What I most desired was freedom. Clearly, I could have chosen to do anything I wanted, except for this mental prison I’d built from 100 reasons why I shouldn’t, couldn’t or wouldn’t do what I most desired. Mine centered around medical benefits for my family, a regular paycheck, my ego (what would I put on LinkedIn if I quit another job to do some soul searching?). But all these reasons aren’t reasons. They’re excuses. They’re protective excuses that keep us safe in a place we know, that looks good on the outside, even if it’s killing us on the inside.

I desired more time with my kids, more of a healthy balance and lifestyle, more time at home and freedom to create! I wanted to feel support, excitement, curiosity, and the joy that comes from working on a team building something you’re proud of and that will help the people you’re trying to serve.

I have since learned that “freedom of expression” is one of my core values. In order for me to feel happy and fulfilled, I need to have the freedom to express myself creatively, whether that’s coming up with marketing strategies or my outfit for date night. When this desire to share the creativity within is stifled, life begins to turn gray. And no, it’s not that I need to be right and do it my way, I just need to be heard. And as Oprah says, that’s what we all want: just to be heard.

By quitting a job that wasn’t serving me, I was standing up for my life, for my spirit. It’s one of the best decisions I could have made for my future. Saying yes to the essence of who I am helped me regain the magic and mystery that makes me me. And when I said yes to that call for freedom, everything else fell into place. Color came back to my world. Opportunities fell into my lap.

And by saying yes, Collective Gain was born. I have no attachment to how this story unfolds, just that it does so in a way that feels right to my soul and serves as many people as possible. I am working for “it,” for the higher purpose it represents and I pray, every day, that I am able to show up with an open heart and mind and to listen to that voice inside. No matter what any advisor, friend or partner says, what will matter is how it feels, how it sits with my spirit, because that is what is really driving the bus … and isn’t that how it should be?

We live in a society that believes facts over feelings. That prides itself on what is proven vs. what could be. The more I step into the world of natural healing, spiritual awakening, transcendent experiences, energy work … the more I begin to see how BIG life really is and how small a part most of us are playing … how small a part I am still playing and how much more expansion is possible.

The state of your mind is the state of your world, it’s that simple. What you believe is what you’ll experience. You think it’s hard to make money, it will be. You think you’ll never be thin, you won’t be. You think you’ll never find love, you won’t. You think you’ll be working in miserable jobs until you retire, you will.

We have all sorts of things we want or want to change, but in our minds, we are sure, 100% positive, that we will not get it, do it, have it, be it … aaaaand, therefore we won’t. Now, there’s likely some subconscious memory or experience which is making you believe what you do … and that is what a spiritual journey is for: It gives you the ability to step courageously with your inner voice instead of against it.

As Jen Sincero says, “It’s not your fault you’re fucked up, it’s your fault if you stay fucked up.” Now clearly, most of us aren’t totally f’ed up, we’re just a little … off, down, discouraged, unhappy … and that’s why we stay there. Because it’s not that bad. We’re okay, we’re good, everything is fine. We convince ourselves that we should settle because, well, this is as good as it gets or we don’t want to be selfish or greedy for wanting more when our life seems perfectly all right as is.

Here’s the thing, it’s as good as you want it to be. As you expect it to be. As you ASK it to be.

So here’s my invitation. Decide you’re ready to dip your toe in the water and schedule one 30-minute call with a coach — it’s free on Collective Gain; view coaches here . I would love to hear about your experience. What came up, what did you learn, how do you feel? You can email me directly ( or submit your experience anonymously. Everything you share with me is confidential unless you tell me you want to share.

Right now some fear may be popping up, or resistance. That’s expected; your ego wants to keep you safe. It took me a YEAR to say yes. So I get it, but oh, what drama would have been saved if I would have said yes earlier!

Listen, there’s no pressure, we’re here when you’re ready. You are in control. That’s it.

No matter how you decide to live your day to day, I hope you connect with your spirit in a way that goes far beyond anything you’ve experienced before. That you say yes to the full expression of who you really are. The world needs you and all the magic you hold within. It’s up to you to find it, love it to share it with the world. May you revel in all you are and all you will become.


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