Magical Coconut Oil

…20 Amazing Uses For You And Your Pets

By, Katy Cable- TWR
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After a fabulous visit to Hawaii, I began swirling a heaping spoonful of organic coconut oil into my morning cappuccino. Wow! Suddenly I had a delicious cup of aloha! I also rubbed it into my dry, peeling, sunburned skin for immediate relief. It worked great when in a pinch when I needed some hair conditioner too. When Olive began feverishly licking it off my fingers, I rubbed it on her coat and dry paw pads. It made a perfect moisturizer. Imagine my excitement to learn this tasty, healthy fat is the new MIRACLE CURE-ALL!

It’s almost unbelievable how fabulous coconut oil is! Not only is it great for you, but your dog can reap a lot of health benefits as well! Coconut oil It has been shown to reduce cancer, skin irritation and fleas? Not only have I personally seen dramatic results from using coconut oil but I’ve read hundreds of testimonials that also concur this is one amazing SUPER FOOD!

20 Amazing Uses For Coconut Oil


  1. Coconut oil makes a wonderful lotion that increases tolerance to harmful sun rays. -A safe, natural sunscreen.🌞
  2. Gives your pet a glossy, shiny, healthy coat.
  3. Helps heal minor skin abrasions and irritations.
  4. Kills topical yeast and fights candida.
  5. Reduces itching, redness, irritation.
  6. Soothes eczema & psoriasis.
  7. A perfect moisturizer for paws, nose and ears.
  8. A great anti-aging facial moisturizer.
  9. A simple, natural flea repellent.
  10. Natural anti-bacterial skin cream.


When ingested daily coconut oil:

  1. Reduces hair balls & shedding.
  2. Can help relieve allergy symptoms.
  3. Can help regulate/improve insulin levels.
  4. Boosts energy.
  5. Protects the liver from toxic antibiotic drugs.
  6. It’s high Lauric acid and MCFA content helps boost metabolism and speeds weight-loss.
  7. Improves digestion
  8. Can be used externally and ingested to speed recovery time from UTI’s.
  9. Speeds healing of fungal infections.


10. There is some evidence that regular ingestion of coconut oil and the beneficial fats it contains can help prevent or reverse: Alzheimers/Autism Cancer/Depression/Arthritis

So, next time you visit the grocery store, grab a jar or two and start indulging. Always make sure you buy organic, cold-pressed coconut oil and not an imitation. For dog’s, apply liberally to coats, noses, and paws. You can mold it around your dog’s medication and make an all-natural “pill-pocket.” I also suggest adding coconut oil to your pet’s meals. You can give them 1/2 tsp. per 10–20lbs of body weight.

So grab some coconut oil and watch for some amazing health benefits for both you and your dog.

🌴Pugs-and-Kisses!🐾 -Katy

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