Making Spirituality A Daily Practice

It’s who you are, not what you do.

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We’re so busy living that we forget we are more than physical beings. In addition to your physical wants and needs, there are mental, spiritual and emotional aspects of you which, if their needs aren’t met, can leave us feeling that there is something ‘missing.

Most of us grew up in homes, communities and societies that valued intellect above emotional intelligence. If EI was taught in childhood as a core skill, we wouldn’t need to buy in emotional intelligence training in the workplace.

We seem to be better at recognising what happens when our mental and physical needs are unmet. The consequences are more immediate. If we become bored, or feel we are not being stimulated or stretched mentally, there’s always Netflix, or that call you set up with your Bestie to get you out of a disastrous date. A few days without food or water (politican prisoners on hunger strikes aside), and we’d take action to satisfy our hunger. Externally, our physical appearance, our skin and elimination of waste products, are just a few indicators we can use to guess whether we are deficient in, or there’s an excess of, what our body needs.

It’s less clear when our emotional and spiritual needs are being neglected. The neglect can take years or a sudden life event to become apparent.

When our emotional needs are not met, we can experience feelings of rejection, abandonment, hurt, self-hatred and hatred of others. Then comes addiction or distraction to numb ourselves from the pain. Before long, other people’s projections are internalised and questioning why we are unlovable can quickly become a belief:

“I’m unlovable.”

Then you wonder, “What’s wrong with me?”

You start moulding yourself into somebody you’re not, in order to be accepted by another whose love you desperately want. Love is unconditional, and if people cannot accept you for who you are, it’s time to work on self-love, so you can attract people into your life who love you for who you are, not who they want you to be.

When life throws curve balls, in our hour of need, we recognise that we need spiritual and emotional support. We might pray in our bedroom at night or, feel a pull towards a place of worship to ease the mental turmoil. It may feel awkward entering a church, if you’ve “turned your back on your faith.” Yet, you’re always welcome. That place resides within you, but there’s something about community and the energy of a congregation that can be uplifting. I’ve also heard anecdotes of congregations being cliquey but let’s gloss over that for now.

When we need when we disconnect from Source-the Universe-God-however you refer to that which is greater than me, you, and all of us, we feel unable to cope with life’s challenges.

Spirituality, for me, isn’t something you practice, but is who you are. A divine spark that exists within each of us. The practice is a way of reconnecting to that part of you that is truth when the masks are laid down. The part of you that while you wonder what you’re doing with your life knows the Divine truth.

Connecting gives us answers; it gives us hope and direction when we feel there’s no purpose to what we’re doing. It’s that saying Kyle Cease focused in on “Deep down, I know everything’s going to be alright.”

And sometimes, it isn’t. If we practice the art of connecting now, we can lean into it when life events knock us off our even keel.

Developing a consistent practice is a bit like giving up smoking — giving up the old patterns of behaviour can take a few attempts. You tend to fall off the wagon, then become aware of how unaware you’ve become again.

Once you’re able to recognise that you’ve slipped back into that old way of feeling you have to do everything alone, and that you don’t know what to do next, you can reconnect with your faith. Trust a higher source. Turn to what you know is good for your emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Here’s what I use to support me in practicing connecting with who I truly am:

  1. Essential Oils & fragrances
    I burn incense to clear the air, induce a meditative state, or create a sensory mood that is loving or uplifting. Alternatively, I will use calming or refreshing oils in my diffuser, which changes colour as it emits the scented oils into my room.
  2. Crystals
    I use the energetic vibrations of crystals to help me feel more grounded, such as hematite or black tourmaline, which help to clear negative energies. To strengthen my connection to higher realms, I use high vibration crystals such as selenite — for mental clarity (and I find that when I work with clients, I know there is some emotional healing that needs to occur if my selenite crystals pop into my mind’s eye before the session); apophyllite clusters, which I adore and a lemurian starseed crystal that I used when I first started accessing knowledge from past eras.
  3. Meditating
    Sometimes my meditation will be as simple as sitting and watching the naked flame of a tealight dance. If you are wanting to start or resume meditating, Deepak Chopra & Oprah Winfrey are running a free 21 day meditation experience starting on the 30th October.
  4. Speaking to God through prayer 
    Kind of self explanatory.
  5. Using Intuition
    Sometimes my tuning forks will pop into my head, so I know my body wants some sound healing. I’ll then muscle test or simply look at which set of forks my eyes are drawn to — chakra forks, trinity or angelic forks and allow my gaze to go inward to determine which of my chakras desires the sound healing. The location gives me insight to my physical, emotional, mental and physical state in a way I couldn’t determine logically. Sometimes, I’m drawn to my oracle cards, such as today. Lately, I’ve been thinking about a diet detox, then 2 days ago, I bumped into a friend with a smoothie concoction on a 10 day detox. And in case those signs were too subtle, yesterday I shuffled the cards and out popped a ‘you’re becoming more sensitive, give up the sugar, booze and processed foods’. I’ve ordered the 10 day detox book!
  6. Journalling
    I invite in beings of the highest good to offer guidance. Hey, if Stephen Hawkings is convinced that aliens exist, Nasa’s telescope discovered new planets and scientists are talking about parallel universes is it egotistical to think we are the only ones in the universe? When I write, asking for guidance, I relax my mind and will write a couple of sentences or questions just to loosen up my grip and get into a writing rhythm. Then the guidance flows through my pen onto the page. It’s not a thinking exercise, though, and if you’ve got a lot of mind chatter, or are sceptical as to whether it’s your imagination or you’re channelling information from a higher source, this exercise may not be for you.
  7. Bathing in Epsom Salts
    I run a bath and lounge for a while allowing the epsom salts to detoxify my body. Here’s 5 reasons why you should add Epsom Salts to your bath by David Wolfe, though I sometimes find myself quite light headed afterwards, so take care and grab those grounding crystals!
  8. Reconnecting with Nature
    Walk barefoot in the garden. Walk in the woods and allow your mind to roam free. Imagine your body discharging all the energies that aren’t yours, letting them flow into the ground. Visualise the Earth’s nourishing, loving energy entering through your feet and spreading throughout your body; just like a tree takes nourishment up through its roots and distributing it throughout its trunk, branches and leaves. Oh, and tree touching or hugging is permitted — covert, or overt — the choice is yours!

I’m fortunate to be able to practice most of these daily, and the others, when I’m busy forgetting that I’m part of a bigger collective, I’m reminded when I’m shown signs to ‘tune’ in.

What do you do to connect spiritually and feed your soul?

Do you find it a challenge to make time for spiritual practice?

My guidance for today using Cheryl Richardson’s beautiful Grace Cards.

I used to be ‘normal’ until my midlife meltdown. Since then, my spiritual gifts have developed and I now ‘see’, ‘sense’, ‘feel’, ‘know’ and occasionally ‘taste’ or ‘smell’ using my ‘clair’ senses. I combine them with almost 2 decades in business, coaching & complementary therapy modalities to help clients quickly release limitations affecting their lives and businesses.

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