Making the Most of Summer 2018

Strategies for rest, relaxation and creating remarkable memories this summer.

As I am fresh off of a vacation, I returned refreshed and rejuvenated and with a new fire to make the second half of 2018 even bigger. We just hit the summer season and this is where so many people start to backtrack on their goals. While I am not saying that you should not enjoy the summer, I am reminding you that it is important to stay focused on what it is that you want to accomplish. We are officially in the third quarter of 2018. That means that you only have six months left to achieve your goals and accomplish your vision. This is a great time to recommit to success and develop the rituals that will bring you into the realm of greatness. Here are a few keys to making the most of summer 2018.

  1. You need to prioritize your time. The sun is shining, the weather is amazing and everyone is getting summer fever. I will admit that it can be difficult to stay focused during the summer. However, you have to prioritize your time if you want to stay on track with your goals. I’ve noticed over the years that this is when most people lose momentum and stop pursuing manifestation of their goals. Make time for fun in your schedule. At the same time, it is important that you keep your priorities straight. Prioritize items in terms of importance. Make sure that your high level activities get the most of your focus. Essentially, I have discovered that if time is not prioritized idleness will occupy every moment of your life. You will look back and discover that you were not productive and that you have not made any progress. Own your moments and you will create an exceptional life.
  2. You must value rest in your life. You normally have two extremes. You have high achievers like myself that are driven and passionately pursuing their goals. On the other hand, you have the passive that are idle and investing energy in things that will never improve their lives. I am not judging either person. However, I am saying that you have to find a balance between the two. You must value rest in your life. Unfortunately, we live in a culture that has taught us that rest is optional. As someone that has achieved success, I can assure you that rest is not optional. It is essential to your energy, clarity and sustainability. This summer I am encouraging to you make rest an important part of your life. You cannot benefit the world unless you are operating at your personal best. When you bring your best to everyday you distinguish yourself among the great.
  3. You need to take a vacation. As I stated earlier, I am fresh off of my summer vacation. It was absolutely incredible to get away and recharge. I did not do any work that week. Nor did I respond to emails or take calls. I made a quality decision that I was going to rest, relax and release. It is amazing how refreshing it is to get away from work and your everyday routine and just relax. I will admit that this has not always been easy for me. Often times vacations turned into work and little rest. However, as I get older I understand more the importance of taking time to enjoy yourself and be restored. The purpose of a vacation is to be refueled and re-fired. While I understand that every person may not be able to travel somewhere for a vacation, if you have some time you can take off from work I encourage you to do so. Just a few days of sleep and relaxation will do wonders for your energy, creativity and productivity. As I walked the beach, so many creative ideas and strategies came to me. A change in environment often produces a change in perspective.
  4. Make time for your family. We live in a workaholic culture. We celebrate those that work long hours, never take time off, and live life with no boundaries. I am not judging you for the way that you live your life. On the other hand, I have seen firsthand what happens when profits and promotions took precedence over family. In just a few days we will celebrate Independence Day here in the United States. While the holiday is on a week day this year, I encourage you to take that time to spend with your family. This summer get off of your devices and get outdoors with your family. Go to a sporting event or a water park. Or maybe go to a concert or movie together. Do not allow work to take up so much of your life that you forget what is really important. Everything we do outside of the home may bring us applause; however, only what we do inside the home will bring us honor. Trust me when I tell you that success is fleeting. Memories are forever and the time you spend with your family is priceless.