Making time to thrive

Start with your mindset.

What is thriving? To me, it’s about flourishing, about being abundant and open to opportunities. It’s beyond not being ill, but being well and that wellness being contagious to others. Not just physically being capable of doing things but feeling enthusiastic and uplifted. It’s not about being happy all the time. More like a quiet optimism, a general hopefulness that things are well and that things will play out well.

This is something I have to remind myself continuously as I try to stay afloat with savings diminishing. I have to remind myself not to snap at my dad when he asks “you got any work yet?”. I think that question might just have to be banned for awhile, along with “how’s the love life?” and “when you moving out?” — when I have the money that the universe is hoarding! (1. Relationships are expensive. 2. Money hasn’t disappeared, no matter how crappy the economy might be.).

Trying to balance sensible with a touch of risk, a touch of possibility. I could get a part-time job and move back into my own place, but basically the money brought in by said part-time job would just cancel out the new place, so would there really be any point? Time spent looking for a backup job could be spent on pushing ahead with my own business? It’s so easy to fall back into the scarcity mindset and negativity bias — it’s all going to go to pot so just give up trying and get a real job. This wonderfully secure cubicle box. Oh wait, I’m not guaranteed to have this job in a year? Do I pick two part-time jobs for covering living costs and a third for fun?! Working in order to live…now that is bonkers.

Whatever happens, note to self — seed things to grow, not restrict.

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