Why I Decided to Manifest Goodness

And, hand over control to the Universe in 2018

Live with intention to manifest all good things. Piper Punches

This was my intention for 2018. The direction I wanted my life to take to move me closer to the big goals, the greatest aspirations, and those grandiose dreams. Well, we’re creeping closer to 2019, and I guess it’s time to check in. There’s still a few weeks for magic to happen, but that doesn’t mean reflection can’t happen right now.

When I wrote out my intention for 2018, I saw twelve months spread out ahead of me full of possibilities. I wanted to capture as much goodness in life as I possibly could. I wanted to welcome opportunities without condition, to flow with a greater ease through my daily life and focus more on what makes my soul happy.

One of the reasons I choose the intention to manifest all good things is because I think, deep down, I thought I wasn’t worthy of good things. I needed a little help from the Universe to prove me wrong. I can’t say that I’ve entirely become comfortable with the idea of receiving goodness as I’ve moved through this year. Mostly this is because not everything in my life is perfect. Where I’m shining in one area, I feel like a failure and a fraud in another.

But isn’t that how it is for everyone? I know it must be because our lives are messy and full of challenges that often feel like burdens. Some of my challenges this year have been dealing with aging parents who have medical issues, a sibling on a bumpy path to recovery, and raising a teenager who isn’t the little person who used to love and look up to me. Most of the ways I have failed have to do with my incessant need to be in control.

Well, guess what I’ve learned this year. Manifesting good things means you hand over the control. You also hand over expectations. The Universe cannot work for us and bring goodness, ease, and joy when we’re micro-managing.

Professionally, 2018 has been a combination of winning and losing. I wrote two children’s books that I’m so proud of. They are simple, sweet stories, but they feed children’s imaginations and that’s all I wanted to accomplishment. That’s a WIN. I also started writing The Murder Lawyer Series, but found myself in a holding pattern, writing wise, after I started marketing the series. That was a LOSS. I feel I let people down, but I’ve started to lean into this stumble. The series didn’t manifest the way I planned, but it’s still moving along and WILL continue in time at a pace that moves with my creative flow.

Thank you for letting me share this year with you. I love this community that we’re building together, and I hope you’ll follow me into 2019 with open hearts even when life gets messy.

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Originally published at piperpunches.com on November 28, 2018.