Marcella Precise

Sincerely Marcella!

Marcella Precise is a super talent that has so much in store for her! As much as she accomplishes, as much as she aspires; I truly don’t think SHE is even aware of her fullest reward. I remember hearing Oprah tell the story of how she told Dr. Maya Angelou how opening her school would be her legacy. Angelou responded by telling the media mogul that she didn’t know what her legacy would be. She meant that each person would have their own “feeling” and experience of her. That’s how I would describe Marcella’s growing legacy. Though it’s growing, she will touch and has touched many people in a way that she may be unaware of-including me. She’s bigger than her Art. Her way of communicating is empowering. It never feels forced. It doesn’t feel like a part of a thought out brand. It’s just simply who she is. And, I am super honored to be able to say that about this queen!

She’s a wife, an awarding winning producer, a voice artist, THE YAAYSAYER and above all; she’s a believer. She’s always glad to help others see the greatness within themselves. Marcella Precise is a good news ambassador, as the creator of THE YAAY-You Beauty/Outer Wellness Blogazine. Via her growing network, it’s been viewed over 2.1 million times. Then there’s her first self-encouragement spoken album, YaaY-You: Notes To Self, An Audio Conversation available on youtube. Having received over 12,000 spotify plays. She was requested to create workshops because “Joy is an inside job”. YaaY-You: Notes To Self, An Audio Conversation will soon be paired with her newest self-empowerment audio album in Spring 2018. And, I can NOT wait to hear it!

She diligently honored her community through tutoring, self-encouragement/career forums and participating in clothing and food drives all while completing her second degree in Psychology. Whew! (*Wipes sweat). See! Extra amazing woman. Growing up in Brooklyn, NY as the landscape of many cultures is what raised her to be determined and well as optimistic. Precise is apart of the Production/Songwriting Duo, Lady And A Tramp with her husband Terence “Trampbaby” Abney. They are in Billboard Top 10’s, working on film/tv. Grammy nominated; they have worked with Pink, Jaheim, Syleena Johnson, Musiq, Stacie Orrico, Luther Vandross, Charlie Wilson and Madcon to name a few. The one and only Mr. Luther Vandross had even dubbed Lady And A Tramp (#LAAT) as “the ones to watch”. They have #LAAT TV music licensing and so much more.

With one of her feature tunes, “Own The Night” approaching 700,000 streams, Marcella Precise is thankful for the influence that many people of diverse art forms have had on her life. Her new album will include the inspiring,”Fly” (featuring Juliette Ashby) as heard on VH1/MTV and “My Life (Bang Bang)” as heard on Bravo. Collectively heard by audiences of up to 5.4 million.

The Superstar, Marcella Precise is many things. And, as I’m sure you can agree, AWESOME is most definitely one of them. She is enjoying her journey so far and grateful for every new day in it. She never ceases to amaze and she is sincere while doing so. Check out her new single (her FLOW is out of this world), “Sincerely, Marcella” available online.