Mastering The Magic Of Staying Sane, Healthy & Productive

It’s simpler than I thought

Trying to navigate everyday life is often simply overwhelming. Since I am a fan of lists & the ease they bring in breaking down projects into manageable elements,I started jotting down a variety of ways I’ve found to help me stay sane,healthy & productive.

The advantage of the ideas on this list, is that they provide ways to distance yourself from initially overwhelming problems, giving you needed back burner time, provide connections to your entourage that recharge & reconnect you, create a more reasonable perspective that helps you navigate with a bit more focus & productivity, & simply leave you feeling better & more confident in moving forward.

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Working my way through each element on my Lifestyle Checklist has always been a trusted way to take what I call “sticky steps”. You know, those moments when you feel frozen by difficulties & are having a hard time moving forward? Even if I can’t manage everything on the list, each has it’s own small reward in creating calm & a sense of realistic value & subsequent worth. And, I find with each item ticked off, another sticky step has been taken. Little by little, I am moving forward, & feeling more confident & in control.

The Lifestyle Checklist is a simple, but integral part of my being able to create & maintain that magical balance of well-being, sense of accomplishment & a thriving connection to the world & my place in the scheme of it all.

Best, Concierge Jo-Anna

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