Maximize yourself, my coach said to me.

Maximize yourself, my coach said to me in the latest session I had with her. That was a big aha-moment for me!

I had been sharing with her some concerns I was having about a certain situation at my job. I was also thinking about my own development and growth, at work and in life.

In some ways, those concerns were strange since I feel very privileged and fortunate. Both at work and in my life. Also strange to be in this spot. Especially since I have so often worked with clients of mine, when they have been dealing with similar thoughts. But you learn as you live…

These concerns I had about my job were connected to many things. But the only nominator in them was me, or me not being so happy with them.

The same situation was about the things that were bothering me in my private life. There I was again the only nominator. What a bummer!

But having her encourage me to maximize myself was a great aha-moment. Maximizing myself would help me rise above those concerns. And help me grow even further, in work and life.

Here are some ideas that might be helpful to you. If you want to start working on your own maximization in your career.

Maximize Yourself & Your Attitude

You may be a very likeable person. You may have a very positive attitude. You may be very solutions-oriented.

But there may come days, or hours, when you feel overwhelmed. When things are not going the way you would have wanted. When you are dealing with difficult people.

Please be aware of any changes in your own attitude in that kind of situations. Find your approach to get a hold of yourself. Before you either feel you are sinking, your mood is affected or you burst out at people.

Listen to your thoughts. Listen to your self-talk. Take full responsibility for your attitude.

Maximize Yourself & Your Communications Skills.

One of the most important skill in today´s working environment. If you feel this is not one of your strongest skills then please get some help with that. It could be some training, coaching etc. In today´s working environment you have to be able to work and communicate with others. People that are like you and people that are different from you. You will have to convince people of your ideas, get people to work with you, ask for support and so on.

Be clear when communicating, both verbally and in writing. What is the message that you want to get across? Also know, that you don´t have to know everything. Or have all the answers. Part of good communications is asking good questions. Be as good at listening, speaking and writing.

The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence. — Confucius

Maximize Yourself & Your Development

You must work constantly on strengthening the foundation of your expertise. Old knowledge is just that, old! Keep learning. Block some time to work on your development. Keep yourself up to date in your field of expertise. Broaden your knowledge, learn new things. Keep up with the latest in technology.

  • Keep reading. Articles, White-Papers, Books etc.
  • Keep writing. Form your new ideas on paper. Either in text or mind-mapping.
  • Attend seminars and conferences.
  • Put more time in projects that are important but not urgent, without deadlines.
  • Get to know more people you can learn from.

Start investing in yourself, I suggest 5% of your income every month. It can be for books, webinars, conferences, networking, equipment, your appearance etc.

Maximize Yourself & Your Self-Confidence

Another one of the most important skill or quality in today´s working environment.

Sometimes you will have, what you feel is a bad day. Or a day when you are just feeling low. Then just remind yourself of all your previous achievements and successes. Every good feedback or testimonial you have got.

You could also go find a place where you can stay for a few minutes without being interrupted. Stand with your feet apart, with your hands in the air and pose like a winner. This will make your happy hormones flow and will do wonders for your esteem.

Or even better yet, play your favorite song and then dance and sing along with it, awesome! Also probably better some place where you can stay for few minutes without being interrupted…

Working on your health. Taking good care of your sleep. And maintaining professional appearance, or executive presence, will also help with your self-confidence.

Maximize Yourself & Your Strategy

Take some time to figure out where you want to go in your career. And in life. Think big. Be bold.
Think about how you can go about making it happen. Draw up your strategy.
Think about possible obstacles and how you are going to work your way around them.

Make decisions, plan your steps and then turn this whole thing into actions. Everything based on where you want to go.

You will most likely not make this happen overnight. And at times you will feel like you are taking more steps backwards than forward. But that is OK, just as long as you don´t give up and just keep on taking one step at a time. Just make sure they are all in the right direction for you.

Just be strategic in everything you do. How you use (not spend) your time. What assignments you take on. Whom you mingle with. What you read etc.

Continuous effort — not strength or intelligence — is the key to unlocking our potential. — Winston Churchill

Maximize Yourself & Your Team

Make sure to surround yourself with the right people.
People that will hold you accountable for turning your decisions into actions. And to keep you on track. People that will give you honest and constructive feedback.

And make sure to be the same for others.

You may have to do some cleaning in your team, letting some people go. You may have to get to know new people, that will lift you up to the next level.

All according to which division you want to play in.

Maximize Yourself & Your Network

Be active in various professional associations. Keep in touch with people that were with you in your undergraduate and graduate studies. Keep in touch with former coworkers. Send people interesting articles. Send the recommendations for books you have read. Let them know about upcoming webinars, seminars and conferences that might be of interest to them.

Join new associations where you are likely to get to know people that will help you maximize yourself even further. Get to know new people through volunteering and doing things for your community.

Maximize Yourself. Rise Above. Keep learning and growing.

Have Fun while at it!

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