Meet The Creators Of Apede Mod: The Stylish, Functional His And Her Bags

By Bethany Stout

This unique fashion brand all started when two best friends ran into a unanimous fashion problem; they both ran into the problem of finding a lightweight bag that is stylish yet functional. Jaquelyn Wang and Claudia Lin created Apede Mod to blur the line between masculinity and femininity. One can find their brand being feminine because of their designs containing luxurious nylon, elegant leather detail and bright colors as well as masculine because of their minimalistic shapes, sharp clean lines, and multi-functional compartments.

What inspired you to start a career in the fashion industry?

CL: I always see fashion as delivering a message of who you are. Apede Mod is for those who are always on the go and know what they want.

JW: The purpose of designing anything is to improve and serve the people. Everything can have the opportunity to be redesigned, therefore, we decided to take the chance to try and redesign items from the fashion industry!

Can you tell us an interesting story that has happened in your career lately?

CL: When our photographer was shooting our last campaign, he was extremely passionate during the session and later on found out that SD memory card was not in the camera! It was a really silly and funny memory that we always look back and laugh at.

JW: Since Claudia already told you something that was not so fortunate, something rewarding and interesting is when we found out one of our customers bought a bag for each family member: the dad, the mom, the husband, and the brother. It was really nice to know someone loves your product this much and that it truly works for everyone which is exactly why we created this collection.

What can consumers expect from Apede Mod this year?

CL: Consistency and Change. We will always have a consistent goal of creating bags that are chic and functional, but since consumer needs are always changing we are also looking for ways for our collection to grow and adapt with these changes in the fashion industry.

JW: More explorations and many more pleasant surprises. I think we are ready to add some shine to make these bags really bring out our consumer’s styles even more!

If you could collaborate with anyone on a fashion line, who would it be?

CL+JW: We would prefer to collaborate with someone who is not in fashion industry, such as a crossover with music band or an artist. We would love to collaborate with Tony Fadell, the founder of Nest Labs. The concept of combining fashion with home utility would be absolutely ground breaking, and the number of possibilities would be endless. That would be my dream!

What advice would you give a young professional just starting out their career in fashion?

CL: Just dream big and be fearless.

JQ: It will be scary, it’s like bungee jumping; so frightening before you dive, but the moment you take the leap… everything will be fine and enjoy the ride.

The fashion industry is always changing to stay current on trends. Where do you see the fashion industry going in the next 5 years?

CL: Fashion would be more involved with society, being more environmental friendly and merging with technology.

JQ: more individualistic, more evolving, and more adapting. It’s the digital connected age, therefore the pace will move faster, consumer will desire more unique products that will keep moving with them.

What is a goal that you are hoping to achieve for your brand in 2018?

CL: Since both me and Jaquelyn are Chinese Descent, we plan open our office in Shanghai in 2018 and get to know more about Chinese consumers.

JQ: Shanghai is definitely our big goal, however, our biggest goal will always be to constantly strive to improve upon our product and turn our collections that fulfill the needs of our customers.We know it will come with hard work, dedication, and the feedback of our consumers.

What are your “five tips for success” for a career in the fashion industry?


1. Think big.

2. Be open-minded and be happy to receive criticism!

3. Be solution oriented when problems come.

4. Try hard and work hard.

5. Plan for the worst and look for the best.