Mindfulness IS Still a Doubtful Affair

Our reality re-assures our thoughts and feelings so we can feel re-assured about our righteousness. And then what?

It seems to be the hardest to change the perspective. It seems to be the most difficult to let go of our identity. It appears the toughest to set loose our moods.

We often take pride in being able to control ourselves and yet self-control is quite a rare virtue. It is more likely we are living in an illusion of self- control and rather make a reference to our automatic responses we have had mastered over time to whomever and whatever crossed our path. We tend to live our lives as if we were looking through funny mirrors — seeing distorted shapes, people and story lines — and trusting them as if they were true.

Our mindfulness is still a doubtful affair as our emotions shape our point of view. Our reality re-assures our thoughts and feelings so we can feel re-assured about our rightness.

Perhaps the way to face our insubstantial, elusive, vague and uncertain fantasies that we call our reality is to find a way out from this vicious circle to awaken to different experiences to take place, which will permit diverse considerations.

25 possibilities to have at least 25 different probabilities:

  1. Hold on to your beliefs as long as they don’t hinder your participation in life.
  2. Don’t judge other people’s choices without understanding their reasons. You cannot possibly know.
  3. Don’t stray away from life challenges — invite them — this is how you grow and evolve — just don’t get lost in your own interpretations of them. They are not meant to define you.
  4. Pushing beyond comfort zone ALWAYS feels scary and uncomfortable.
  5. Becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable prepares you for whatever life tosses at you.
  6. Your mountain makes you who you are being.
  7. No matter how things seems to change, never forget who you are.
  8. Truth equals responsibility.
  9. Take your life in your own hands and see what happens. No one to blame.
  10. Don’ t miss out on life because of fear.
  11. Always measure yourself against yourself — never against the expectations of others. You will never meet them.
  12. Your life mirrors your choices.
  13. You can only change your reality form the level of your mind.
  14. Use your words sensibly. You don’t have control over how they are being understood, yet you can calibrate how you use them.
  15. People’s reactions are purely reflections of their own reality, not yours. Don’t get defensive and don’t take anything personally.
  16. Drop the illusion that you can have a pain-free life. To get to where you think you want to be, you must be willing to suffer for it.
  17. Fantasizing about wanting something does not make that desire a reality. It is like a dream about a hike and climb to the top of the mountains — we all like to imagine being at the top yet not so much the climb itself.
  18. Things are happening for you not to you. All that you experience is on your way not in your way. This profound alteration in perceiving your own reality allows you to generate unlimited possibilities to see all circumstances as learning opportunities.
  19. Don’t critique other people by their emotions, regardless of how wrong they seem to sound to you. Acknowledge them and rather notice your own discomfort that they bring.
  20. Listen from nothing. Stray away from your own judgments and opinions. Be curious and allow for the story to be told.
  21. Acceptance does not equal Agreement, yet it allows different views to co-exist.
  22. You cannot possibly know and understand the unspoken and complex narrative that everyone has going on in their heads all the time.
  23. Accept everything that you do not know and you are not aware of. And that everything what you know is only your own perception which does not necessarily need to be collectively agreed upon.
  24. Love “what is” instead what it is supposed to be.
  25. Tomorrow is Never.

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