The legacy you want to leave behind is up to you, it’s a mindset. You picture the pursuit of happiness but say it’s not time yet. If you ain’t filled with peace it’s hard to hide it. You wait for life to align itself with serendipity; failing to realize that the man in the mirror is the ultimate enemy. I understand in the past circumstances went negatively, but that leads to a false sense of identity, and that crisis runs rampant throughout. Living on the edge is exhilarating but isn’t it time to take a different route. Get to know yourself better. Be fearless. The easy way out we all want it, but are forgetful of the consequences that come from it. Fake friends make it hard to keep it one-hundred. (youthful way of saying “real”) Their actions cause your morality to plummet. Teamwork makes the dream work just ask Pat Summit. Accountability preludes sustainability. You have the ability but need more humility. Establish relations not for self gain but for guidance and tranquility. To wether the storm don’t blend in with the norm. The Lord had plans for you before you were born. Beware, bad company is contagious. Aiming to please them is dangerous. The mind wanders causing you to doubt and to fret. But, the decision to be someone that matters is up to you, it’s a mindset.

Image courtesy of Unsplash