Modelling Is All About Modesty

An Inspiring Story Of Woman.

Karma defines your destiny — that’s the optimistic spirit enlighten the characteristics of this woman, who is an example for various versatile modelling enthusiastic people. Growing up from the city called Bikaner in the northwest of the state of northern India in Rajasthan. She was an average student during school days. There is Poojaa Singh Bhati, Managing director of Radiance Group, who holds Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Masters honors too.

Poojaa — As an aspired model & host

Perhaps closer look to her life story and achievements can inspire every individual. Apart from driving modelling Radiance Group, Poojaa runs her own IELTS and TOEFL coaching centers in India. She is also involved into social cause to help needy people while enabling them for national platform in modelling industry. She is also active into people development. The clouds of success almost touched Poojaa, when she performed at various national modelling competitions in India.

Jury & Participant during Public Event

She woke up with courage, faith in God and an aim to excel in whatever she does. She started taking her passion quite seriously. All she had with her to change her life was courage to be bold, and an aim to excel. Her courage has rewarded as she started seeing improvements in her life. Her passion started to improve. She started to win prizes in modelling competitions. “Every experience has molded me into what I have achieved today.” She Says.

Poojaa along with Jury in Audion for Mrs India & International super model.

She has come a long way from desire to become a successful entrepreneur. Since childhood she suffered a lot as she belong to Rajput family, whereas surrounded people who has traditional mindset. With her family’s support, she completed graduation (B.A. in English Honors) from Jaipur in 2009, and Master of Arts in English Literature in 2013. She was always focused on her career and believed that ‘entrepreneur’ should work hard to carve a niche for themselves and should build a career to become financially independent. This belief and courageous heart helped her to become the Managing Director of reputed Radiance Group in north of India.

Poojaa with her students & participants in Radiance Group Success celebration Party

“Every struggle & my self confidence have molded me into what I am today.” There was a time, when people criticizing about my skills & abilities, while performing at various modelling competitions, she says

Her life was pretty interesting, when she thought to start something on own, her own coaching centers during 2014, right from that decision she made unique benchmarks for upcoming talents in India. She woke up with learning desire, faith in God and an aim to excel in whatever she does. She started taking her passion quite seriously and establish the radiance group. Her courage has rewarded as she started seeing improvements in her life. Her interest towards ‘creating quality models’ started to improve. She started too contributing in public events as Jury and Guest. Her firm is organizing an event on 26th Nov 2017 for searching the talent in India, grand finale of Radiance Mrs India 2017 & International super model 2017.

During Audition in North India — Mrs India

‘I too had own pains in life. On the surface it all looks so smooth but I have gone through lot of difficulties to achieve. Only my Husband & my parents would know that Poojaa is a very fanatical girl for ‘creating platform for rising model’, helping people to become model makes me happy ’, Poojaa recalls.

Poojaa While talking about Radiance Group in Press Conference
Message by the positive and brave lady, Poojaa Singh Bhati:
“ You can achieve anything that you want in life if you have courage and faith in Almighty God. Believe in your efforts and throw good things to the Universe so that when it comes down, it comes in larger quantity to you. Always treat your work as your passion. Love what you do, work with passion, don’t rely on luck, let your luck rely on your work. If you work hard, you can change your luck. Don’t give up, never surrender, modesty is the powerful key”.