Mommy Mindfulness

a sneak peek

Life is busy, period. I meet each moment, knowing it will be my last — of that moment. I will never help him study for World History again, I will never make this particular dinner again, I will never fold this combination of clothes again, when I walk the dog — each step will be completely different than the previous step. My writing may or may not be inspired. This is what it means to be mindful.

I have a new blog — I write everyday — a personal essay or a few words on navigating mommyhood, marriage, and a blue heeler. The Daily Wisdom section are short and sweet nuggets, because life doesn’t always need a war and peace approach.

How mindfulness meets life.

An invitation

I invite you to follow me — especially if you are:

  • a woman
  • a mom
  • a women entering/in menopause
  • a man curious on what menopause looks like
  • a man entering/in manopause
  • someone seeking a way too experience a mindful approach to life’s everyday opportunities (some people call them challenges)
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