Moms. Phones. Kids.

One simple rule to manage this love-triangle

Dr. Judy Yaron
Mar 4, 2017 · 3 min read
“Mommy’s busy. She’s on her phone.”

I love my phone. I don’t deny it. It’s the first thing I grab, when I roll out of bed in the morning and stagger to the loo. It’s with me, as I sit on the throne and solve 7 Little Words — my morning brain workout. And, it’s my phone that brings me the first news of the day and keeps me connected to the world. My phone is always there for me: The alarm is set to remind me, when it’s time to take a break and head off to the gym. My phone is my photo album filled with myriad M&Ms — magical moments and meaningful memories. When I miss my kids and grandkids, all I have to do is flip through the photos and I feel all fuzzy inside. When I need to chillax, the mindfulness app on my phone helps me focus and reconnect with myself. And, my phone is the last to wish me “good night”, while we shnoogle together under the covers to read a few pages on my Kindle, before I turn in.

I ❤ my phone. It plays a major role in my life. I don’t think I’d have it any other way.


This morning, the first news item that caught my eye was a report about the ever-growing love-triangle between moms, kids and phones. The video clip showed moms, who never let go of their phones: tweeting, snapping photos of their kids, taking Selfes, sending Whatsapps, checking email, LIKING Facebook posts, oblivious of the presence of their kids.

Image courtesy of Unsplash

When the reporter asked the little ones, if they want mommy to play with them, their answers were pretty much the same, “Yes, but … mommy’s busy.” The sadness in their eyes and their quivering voices made me shudder.

At first I was pissed.

Then, I was upset.

Eventually, I looked deep into my heart in search of compassion, because I know that there is nothing more draining than the guilt that comes, when you’re torn between two loves.

I too love my phone. Just like one mom said, “My phone is part of who I am,” so, who am I to judge?

But, if you, dear reader, can identify with those moms, who are addicted to their phones, let me offer you one simple rule, which has been and still is my guiding light –

FAMILY FIRST — When someone you love wants your time and attention, put your phone down.

It’s time to take control of our lives.

It’s Time 2 Lead.

It’s time to THRIVE.

PS — If this post touched your heart, you might want to check this post out as well — 3 Simple Activities to Turn Fr*cken Phone Foes to Family Friends Forever.

More than living. Thriving.

Dr. Judy Yaron

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Thrive Global
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