Multiply The Social Value You Bring

Here’s How:Start Paying Attention

True Power Of Social Value

I was talking with a client last week and they asked me to refer an html email specialist.

Most freelancers don’t believe this happens. They say:

“How could a client ask another freelancer for suggestions when there are so many job boards and websites?”

-Most Freelancers

Why Great Clients Ignore Cheap Options

Why doesn’t the client just look for the cheapest option? Great clients want great quality. The clients you want to book are willing to invest in getting quality work. These clients know that means paying more for projects and they are okay with that.

True Story:When I started freelancing I put in a competitive bid on a project. I had just raised my rates to $65/hr and was trying to figure out the time/language/layout clients needed to hear to book me at this rate.

Where I Went Wrong

I wanted the project because it would look good in my portfolio so I put in a bid for two hours less than needed. The mistake I made was I told the client this. They responded quickly. They told me,

‘We appreciate your offer to be competitive but we are interested in working with a freelancer who isn’t afraid to charge for their time. We want to ensure we get the best product possible and don’t want the person we work with to not give their all because they gave us a discounted rate. Thank you anyway.’

Lesson learned. Now let’s review another mistake I see freelancers make all the time that keep them from getting booked.

The Surprising Mistake Freelancers Make That Keep Them From Getting Booked

I posted a request for help on a closed forum I am a member of. People on this forum are top earners with an occasional new member who gets in.

Why did I post the job there?

Part of creating ongoing success in freelancing lies in developing trust within a community. I wanted to give back to a community I loved so I posted the job on the forum. The job I posted would pay $1K a month for a year and possible scale to $3K a month once the client knew they could trust you.

Quick Math:Assuming the client upped your pay on the third month and only worked with you for a total of ten months that would mean the contract would fetch $26K in under a year. What could you do with an extra $26K?

It was a gravy gig with boss pay.

The job I posted asked for an email html specialist. Imagine my surprise when the response I got came from a copywriter telling me they were great at email marketing.

What The Holy Hell?

This guy didn’t take the TEN SECONDS needed to read my post and see that this job didn’t fit his skills.

“Jesse why are you so up in arms about this? Seems silly to me.”

-Most Freelancers

The Real Reason Behind Why I Was Angry

Okay let me be clear. I wasn’t angry because the guy asked for the job. I was angry because this is an issue most all freelancers suffer and don’t GIVE A SHIT ABOUT.

Sad Truth:I book a gig a month because I’ll include everything a client asks for in a proposal.

The Profitable Math Behind Other’s Laziness

Last month I booked a $1k landing page because I was the only copywriter out of the sixty eight proposals the client received who bothered to include everything the client asked for.

It took me an extra two minutes to read the entire proposal and follow the client’s suggestions.

I made $1K by spending an extra 120 second paying attention. Multiply this by twelve months! That’s a lot of money for bothering to follow the instructions.

The Real Math On What You Lose Every Single Day

Let’s expand on this issue. Imagine this same problem with every proposal the guy who didn’t read my request sends.

How much work do you think this guy loses before he even has a chance to step up to the plate? This guy could be the absolute best but I would never hire or refer him. That equals tens of thousands of dollars in lost income because the guy couldn’t read a three sentence post.

Now imagine that spread out throughout his entire community. The numbers start to add up.

One Simple Step To Fix This Problem And Get More Bookings

If you want to never miss another booking opportunity, develop epic referral relationships with others in your field to make money without looking for it, and make every client you deal with happy you need to do one thing.




Specifically what you can do is read their proposal in its entirety, then read it again. Make sure you understand what the client wants and how to deliver it to them.

Pro-Tip:If the client asks for you to include a word or phrase do so in a funny manner. I can’t tell you how many clients respond to my proposal because they thought they way I used the word was funny.

Why does this work? Doing something unique makes you stand out in your client’s mind. The more you stand out the greater your chance the client will want to follow up with you and book you.

Don’t Forget To Double Check Your Proposals

I can’t tell you how many times I go back and review my proposals and find out I posted the wrong link, messed up my punctuation, or left a glaring spelling error.

Before pressing ‘Send’ go back and review your proposal. Make sure it reads clearly, that everything is in the right place, and make any language fixes needed.

I catch at least one mistakes every time I check my proposal (and I sent out at least 30–40 a week).

Final Takeaway:

Stop losing work because you hurry and make stupid mistakes. Remember freelancing isn’t a race, it’s a marathon. Focus on getting better at the small things to unlock the big results you want.

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