My Dad

It happened so long ago, I barely remember, but bits and pieces are etched in my mind. So naive, I had no idea his loss would impact me for the rest of my life. I recall when my aunt came to the door, it was about 3:00am, I had just turned 10 years old so my estimation of the time could be off. We waited at the top of the stairs as my mom answered the door. “He’s been shot, you need to get to the hospital.” It gets foggy after that. It may have been a minute, an hour, or a day later, we arrived at the hospital. Lots of tubes but he could talk. That was refreshing. He spoke to all of us individually. His message to me, “you are the oldest, take care of them.” I do not know what he said to the others. We went to school the next day like life was normal. I remember crying on the school bus and I remember telling my teacher that my father had died. That is all I remember. I was a good student and I continued to be a good student. In time, school would be out for the summer…(read more).