My EPIC AH-HA Moment — — (Notes & Story from today’s journaling and meditation)

I’ve been a virtual based entrepreneur since the summer of 1996 and even when the need for a paycheck job was required to sustain my family obligations — I’ve never given up being an entrepreneur.

These last 12 years I’ve been exclusively an entrepreneur no outside income and I will say it and own it — no passive income — I’ve built a multiple six figure business and a seven figure business — and then I hid behind fear and built other people’s dreams instead of my own.

As I’ve come to perfect the methodology and the value of paid media, earned media, shared media, and owned media — I was sitting here at my computer doing some research and I swear to you — -

An invisible silly stick came out of the computer and slapped me upside the head — — I’ve cracked it!

I reached out to an incredible mentor who I had the pleasure of speaking to with my “ah-ha moment” and the reaction was “I told you that you’d figure it out” — at that very moment the voice from the universe wasn’t the one I feel I could hear my Dad.

“It took you long enough” — (thanks Dad)

See, I’ve spent YEARS collecting information — not implementing it for myself — but implementing it for others and I was “okay” with that — (Not any more)

I lowered my standards for myself and yes even for the clients I work with. I put up with my own excuses and instead of putting on my big girl pants and putting my foot down with serious TOUGH LOVE — at times I let it slide.

Enough is Enough — — for myself, for my clients, for my tribe.

The systems and the processes required to build a business foundation that will hold the empire you build are essential — no if’s, and’s or but’s. Either do it or don’t bitch about it.

The pillars to communication, visibility, and awareness even as technology grows the core is the same, the values, are the same, no one is reinventing the wheel they are just repainting it until they get it right for themselves.

My business stands for building a business foundation that is designed to grow with you, expand, and support the empire business you desire — be it six figures, seven figures, or eight figures. — There is no short cut to success, you will fail, you will fall, and yes you will have to redo shit — but this is how success is built — lessons, trial and error and when you are aligned with what works for you and your business — RUN WITH IT — OWN IT — DON’T LOOK BACK!

See I looked back and that’s when my business fell apart. That’s when my world fell apart. It will never be that way again.

I am damn good at business and damn good at marketing and public relations — I am owning my space again in this world, I will only work with clients who are ready to do the hard stuff, ready to take it to the mats and build the business they desire and create the life they dreamed. No Excuses. No Bullshit. No Boo-Hooing. It’s Your Time — Take It — Live It — Be It.

It’s never too late — but stop wasting you time on throwing mud at the walls, get strategic, get purposeful, get authentic and get fucking REAL!

If you are ready to map out the multiple six figure and seven figure you desire, ready to not doubt yourself or the process, and ready to see it through even battle the perfect storm if need be then let’s talk. Let’s make that happen for you and your legacy — visit me at or on Facebook!