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My Escape From NYC

One Man’s Journey From NYC To The Hills…
My life had taken a turn for the worse. I was a prominent attorney in New York. Working for Wall Street and getting paid a triple digit salary. All was well financially until one day I stopped to smell the roses. I got up at 3 am on Monday morning, and I thought to myself I was sitting on the side of the bed trying to wake up when I should still be asleep, “is this all there is to life”? Living on 4–5 hours of sleep a night was getting to me. I started having anxiety attacks, fear of crowded places, headaches and my mind felt as though it was going to shut down and leave me living in fear and panic and nowhere to turn. I started looking for alternative lifestyles away from the hustle and bustle. First, i thought Florida, and then I thought about hurricanes and all the tourists and I quickly abandoned that idea. Next state that came to mind was California. I thought this was earthquake alley and too ritzy for me. After all, I wanted seclusion and peace of mind. I started reading online and realized, all I want is in Tennessee. Perhaps the hills of Tennessee. I got in touch with a country gentleman realtor and he sent me this email:

Hi John, Mary, Abby & Ben,
It is always exciting when you move your spouse and children to a right place. Some people are fed up with the government or the society. That explains why some people choose to live a private life and Tennessee is the best place for that. However, there are some necessary things that people consider whenever they are deciding to move to a place. They mostly look at the infrastructure for a natural transition. In Tennessee, all the support is available for anyone who is looking for retirement property. Also, the place is conducive for a weekend away from home. The mountains of Tennessee are quite attractive to anyone. Therefore, if anyone is interested in buying the land in Tennessee, he or she needs to take a swift step before the place the remaining parcels are sold. The location I have in mind for you is appropriate for anyone who wants to relax, and have some fun with the family. The homes in the Hanging rock development are private and secluded, and it is not comfortable for people to know what is happening in someone’s house. The children can enjoy fishing in the nearby lake which is much fun to them.
The property is gated and is only accessible to residents only. Several people do not pass around the gated community, and an owner can feel secured. Individuals in the city have a way of accessing the community. The residents have keys which helps them to get to the resident all the time. Apparently, anyone would like to raise the children in such a calm environment. Since it is a gated community, there are no crime rates in this town. The neighborhood of Hanging rock has the Amish communities who are known for their peaceful coexistence. Also, the Amish community ensures that their environment is secure. That is why the place appeals to many retirees. The retirees want a calm place to relax and enjoy their retirement benefits without any problem.
The other thing that one should consider before relocating to the home is the cost. The cost of living is not expensive, and people live merely with less money. However, one will spend some money when getting started. Once you adapt to the lifestyle in the place, life becomes much more straightforward. It is vital for an individual to know the amount that he or she and how much to spend on purchasing the property. This land you can build your home and and is at a reasonable price, and an individual should not fear to buy the property. Social life is also paramount to any family. It’s nice to find a remote section near the land where you can meet and interact with other people. It should be a place like Sequatchie that draws individuals and families who have the same values and needs. Here people interact and exchange ideas on various issues. The neighbors must also select some to have fun together.
Look forward to hearing back from you,
Jude Waters Reality 1

Sounds good, but is it too good to be true? Then my mind goes to thinking. Oh my, what if we run out of money. What then? All these negatives rush in my mind as to make me, even more, anxiety ridden. Then I tell my wife, and we leap the faith. It’s been over five years now, and I wake up each morning at 8 am, not 3. I get my children off to school and come into fresh coffee, an occasional bear wandering through the woods, wild turkeys and a skillet full of over-easy eggs our hens have left for us the day prior. We love our new way of life. I cut our firewood, and we live off the land, just like the neighboring Mennonites. Money? Well, you got to have it, so I have taken an online job from the comforts of my living room while it overlooks a spring filled lake and occasional catfish jumping from the lake. I am an attorney, after all, I can still work and not show up in a courtroom. I do online counseling for those in financial struggles thinking about bankruptcy. I get paid more than enough, and we enjoy our lives to the fullest.



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