New Year New YOU; The real way to achieve your new resolution/goals. (We have been doing it wrong).

New Year New YOU; The real way to achieve your new resolution/goals. (We have been doing it wrong).

Happy new year!
 Time for new “mistakes “, new opportunities, challenges, goals reached, happiness, and so much more!

As a life coach and a psychology major, I often get asked; “how do you fulfill your new year resolution and or goals?”

It isn’t the answer you would expect: Don’t tell anyone what they are (unless it’s to someone who will help keep you accountable).

Here is why, plus some more tips on how to make this the best year yet.

When we tell people what our goal and or resolution is, we are sending dopamine and endorphins to our brain signifying that we have already accomplished our task to some degree (in short, we trick ourselves into thinking we finished the resolution/goal).

Another great implementation we can apply is to shorten our goals into smaller segments (when we set out to do year-long ones they become overwhelming and or give us the sense that we have enough time: In psychology, it is deemed the term “fixed-variable interval”.)
 When we thrive to conquer the day however it becomes not only more achievable but also a habit.

Success in anything is a lot of little things done consistently and consecutively.

Let’s make this the best year yet (until next year that is).

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As always.

We are all in this together but it all starts with you! You are creating history!

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