Nightly Self Care Routine for the Intuitive, Empath, or Highly Sensitive Person

As a psychic medium, spiritual counselor, empath, and entrepreneur, you can imagine my energy might get drained from time to time. It is absolutely vital that I follow a routine at the end of my day in order to clear and restore my energy. I know so many people out there that struggle with nightly anxiety, insomnia, and overwhelm, so I wanted to share the tools that literally changed my life, and allow me to not only function, but thrive, out in the world.

Sarah Renee
Thrive Global


I shared a short facebook post a few weeks ago about a few self care rituals that I practice, and the response was overwhelming, so I decided to go into more detail. I realized that there are a lot of empaths and highly sensitive people out there, and you’re working and raising kids, and carrying on in your own crazy, sometimes hectic, lives, and these tools would really benefit you! So in this post, I’m going to go through my practices and I invite you to take the ones that resonate with you and implement them in your own life. Even if you only start off with a couple, you will notice a difference- I promise!

Alright, so first, my energy clearing mantra that I say several times a day, including when I finish up working for the day, in the shower at the end of the day, and right before bed, just to be sure. 😉 You can say this out loud, or silently in your head works great too! “God, please send all energy that is not mine back to it’s originator with love and compassion. Thank you.” Repeat that at least three times, or until you feel some relief. It usually feels like a weight has been lifted, or like you’ve lost 10 pounds.

Next, in order to release my day, to clear out any stress or negative emotions I might be feeling, and also to keep my energy functioning at a high frequency, I have to get some movement in. For me, I love to run, go to yoga, hike, or dance. I mix it up based on my mood and what my body is craving. Exercise doesn’t have to be this rigid, heavy feeling activity. It can be light and fun, soothing and nurturing. You can try asking your body how it wants to move today, and go with the first feeling you get. Moving not only gets the energy moving in your energy field and physical body, but it releases all those great endorphins that give you that rush of happiness and confidence! I have struggled with depression throughout my life, so movement is part of my “medication” for that as well.

Restore. After all this clearing and releasing, your energy needs to be nourished and restored. Make sure you eat a healthy meal that replenishes your energy and helps you feel supported and cared for vs. guilty or heavy. This is different for everyone, I always just say listen to your body, or consult a nutritionist. For me personally, I eat mostly plant based in order to keep my vibration high, but my body does best with some animal protein thrown in, so I will eat chicken or turkey when I can, and every now and then I’ll splurge on a cheeseburger. Don’t judge yourself or restrict yourself. Just think nourishment.

This next part is the thing that I am the most strict with. I have found a routine for my nightly showers that truly makes me feel like I’ve washed off my day, and I stick with it pretty religiously. If I don’t do anything else on this list, I will do this. In the shower, I wash my hair and put leave in conditioner in. Then, I use peppermint soap- I like Dr. Bronner’s- and I literally soap up my entire body, head to toe. I let that sit, and I brush my teeth- yes in the shower. Then I rinse off everything at the same time. I’m aware it sounds a bit ridiculous, but there is something about getting clean all in the same moment that makes me feel 100% refreshed. After I shower, I burn sage and sage myself along with my bedroom. Then I rub organic lavender oil on the bottom of my feet to help me calm down for sleep. I usually spend a little bit in between this step and the next steps to either read a good book, watch a show, pull angel cards, meditate, journal, or finish up some last minute emails or work projects- although I try to get off technology an hour before bed as much as possible.

When I am getting ready to go to sleep, I usually have some classical music playing on low. I actually have a goodnight play list with my favorite bach and mozart, along with some louise hay affirmations that I will play and usually fall asleep listening to. As I’m laying in bed, I always call on Archangel Michael to please cut any toxic chords that may have been attached to me that day, to remove any negative energetic daggers, and to clear and build up my energy field for sleep. I give him and my Angels and Guides permission to do any needed healing on me while I sleep. I also visualize a white basket in front of me, and I place any situations or people that caused me stress, any worries about the future, and even things I’m trying to call into my life, in this basket and I send it up to the Angels to sort through. This is my Let Go and Let God step. You can also write a list of things that you’re giving to God and the Angels to take care of for you if you aren’t a visual person. I then visualize putting four pillars of healing white light at the corners of my bed, creating a safety shield of light around me as I sleep. I tell Spirit it is my bedtime, so not to wake me up, that I can help them tomorrow. A lot of times I will take two to five minutes and just visualize white light flowing in through the crown of my head, out through my toes and into the earth, inhale back up, exhale to the angel realms, and back and forth a few times in order to bring that healing energy through my body. Then I’m usually dozing off right after that.

Now because of what I do and my sensitivities, my routine involves a lot of steps, and it is a little daunting to some people. I encourage you to even just take one or two things from this that sound good to you and try them out. Also, feel free to modify anything mentioned to better suit you. The key is customizing a self care routine that fits your life and helps you feel your best. I hope this is helpful! If it is, feel free to comment or share. Let me know if you have any questions, and if you are interested in a session with me, simply fill out my contact request form or send me an email. Thank you so much for reading this! I am sending you lots of love and blessings!!!



Originally published at on July 18, 2017.