No Health. No Wealth.

Find out WHY..

Now that we are all back to work.. full swing after the “holidays”..

It is time to “dig-in” and start executing on those “goals” we have set for ourselves..


Well after taking a vacation myself.. which was definitely harder than I thought..

I realized something about myself..

I am not good at relaxing.. and when I do.. it actually brings about anxiety!

It takes me about 3-days to actually get into “chill-mode”.. since most of my days are spent running from place to place.. training, writing, speaking, and executing on my daily goals and agendas..

SO coming down from that adrenaline driven state is often tough..

And when you feel that anxiety creep in.. it is some important to NOT FREAK OUT.. but rather realize what is actually happening..

You have been running too hard, for too long.. and your body is basically in “shock”..

When you come out of “shock state”.. and actually let your body recover.. you are more vulnerable to colds and decreased immunity since this is a state that is unfamiliar to the body.. You almost feel insecure or unsure of yourself.. out-of-balance..

Now.. No Health. No Wealth.. simply means.. if you allow yourself to get too deep into your side of the 50 yard line.. you may just get sacked..

If you allow yourself to live a life at max speed, 100mph, hard charging.. without building in breaks throughout the day, week, month, and year..

Your body and mind can actually become overused, overworked, and lead to stress induced issues from blood pressure increases, panic attacks, and an inability to relax, focus, or sleep..

So as we head into 2018.. going after those 365 and 7-day goals we spoke about.. lets make sure we take the time for ourselves each day to improve our physical and mental health through the following:

Cardiovascular Conditioning

Daily Foam Rolling & Stretching

Total Body, Movement Based Weight Training

Hot Baths, Steam Sessions, Massage, and Sauna

Clean Eating & Hydration with Whole Foods

As we start to move through this first quarter and year.. I will break each of these down into usable lessons.. and practical applications you can use on a daily basis..

But.. always remember your health should take the first position.. even it requires you to say NO to an “opportunity”.. if your body and mind are not 100%.. your results won’t be either…

Take things seriously.. but not serious to the point of derailment.. in the end.. it’s probably not as important as you think…#trainlikeapro


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