Not Motivated to Get Fit? Here’s Your Problem.

We often procrastinate because we think we aren’t motivated. We need to ‘find our motivation’ to get fit.

We go to the gym all week, and reward ourselves for ‘being good’ by not going on the weekend even if we know we should to keep the positive moment and stay on track.

We make ourselves feel better with rewards, even if we know not going to the gym hurts our progress. So this begs several questions:

How much motivation do you have? How much do you need? And most importantly how can you stay motivated all the time?

We’re really good at staying motivated when it comes to our survival, we just do, to survive. These days the struggle to survive is nothing like it used to be. Covering our basic survival needs is easy, but anything else is a bonus. When we have our basic needs met, it becomes a little harder to start and finish projects Such as Lose 10 pounds

We aren’t too good at building a better tomorrow. People would rather watch TV/play video games then build their better future. This is due, in part to not having a strong enough WHY. A WHY is one of the most important tools in motivation.

So, what you need to do, is ask yourself. Why do I need to do this? Then weigh:

The pleasure I will get from this act vs. The pain I get from not doing this act

Another question to ask is: How will my life be affected and the lives of others around me be affected if I do achieve this?

Sometimes we procrastinate simply the WHAT losing 10 pounds because our WHY isn’t very compelling. On a Friday night, you scheduled in a session to lift weights, but in reality, you’d rather skip it, eat appetizers and have a drink after a long week. So, you cancel the session with no good reason.

We usually label this as Self-Sabotage

To overcome this, you need to dig deep to find out your true why. Having a why — a reason or one liner — that explains the purpose behind what you do that will motivate you to get the work done will be the north star that you can always fall back on.

If you can’t find a compelling enough why, maybe losing the 10 pounds isn’t as important to you as you first thought.

Don’t feel bad, You’re not alone!

People will procrastinate until it becomes important enough that they have to do it. They will put it off to the very last minutes until push comes to shove and they don’t have a choice.

Think back to school. IF the teacher gave you 2 days to write an essay you were upset, as opposed to being given 2 weeks.

But if you’re like me, and I know I’m not alone, even when given the two weeks we left it until the day before. As innocent as pulling an all-nighter to write an essay can be, when it comes to your heath the consequences are bigger and more severe.

Don’t let having gone through a heart attack or becoming obese be your why. Be proactive, not reactive when it comes to fitness.