Notes From the Heart/Wishes from the Heart on behalf of Angels at Risk

Notes from the Heart and Wishes from the Heart from parents to kids and kids to parents.

Angels at Risk is a nonprofit dedicated to addressing the crisis of kids, teenagers, and their families at risk for drug and alcohol use and abuse. As a community, the issue of drug and alcohol use and abuse in teenagers and families is an epidemic crisis. We know that early education, prevention, and intervention can change families’ futures forever. Our mission is to raise this awareness. Our Angels at Risk educational programs and services are designed to encourage communication on a parent to parent, teen to teen, and parent to teen level.

Notes from the Heart/Wishes from the Heart are a sophisticated, yet simple educational tool that make a shift in the heart of the kids, teens, and parents in our primary Angels at Risk Parent-Teen Prevention Education Support Program at Santa Monica High School. It is through this shift that we are able to communicate and educate about the prevention of drug and alcohol use and abuse.

Each child that attends the group writes a note to their parents, and each parent writes one to his or her child. Parent, kid, and teen notes are then exchanged before the group begins and read aloud by counselors. This offers an opportunity for others to learn from another parent or teen’s note.

We think the Notes from the Heart are valuable in helping kids, teens, and parents to pinpoint exactly what they are feeling and put it into words. Sometimes it is difficult for kids and teens to find the right words to bring across their point, so we find that having a more creative outlet, like drawing around the note can help them express themselves.

This process is motivated by love and it works.

Each Note from the Heart is everybody’s Note from the Heart.

Notes from the Heart for Angels at Risk by Susie Spain, Founder

“The second star to the right, shines in the night for you. To tell you that the dreams you have really can come true.” -Peter Pan

Originally published at on February 10, 2013.

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