On Waiting for the Future

Your inherent value does not depend on what has not happened yet.

It relies on what you already bring to the table.

In the process of growing and pushing yourself to rise, it might be wise to own who you are in this moment. At some point in life, who you are now was who you wanted to become. So, this article here is my gentle nudge for you to give in to the beauty of what is now, for you may miss the cursory glory of the prize you once eyed.

I have felt this yearning for time to transition: from high school to college, college to work, work to better work…it is a never-ending list of goals to achieve. This is because people tend to seek the path that makes them grow as an individual. Growth is the side effect of pushing boundaries and learning to navigate through challenges. More often, such accomplishments are made possible by your discipline to do what is needed for the sought outcome. So, yes, we naturally take pride in pursuing this state of being goal-driven since it shows society that we are a focused and successful person. Now, in the format of how our world rewards performance, I won’t deny that being goal-oriented is necessary to do well. But just take this moment to think about what got you here? what brought you to be this person that you are? The healing nature of self-reflection is inexplicable, and can only be felt on a personal level. I urge you to let that healing happen. If you need a motivator for that, I have something that always works for me. Step outside and just look up at the vast night sky, sprinkled with stars. Let it consume you in its colossal lack of restriction. When you feel like cosmic dust, small enough to think about the moment you have in your hands, the self-reflection will flow.

If you are working on yourself right now, incrementally moulding yourself into an improved version of you, I want you to take a few seconds out of everyday to be present and in that moment. You’ve probably heard of the adage where the journey is more important than the destination. Just tweak it a little and say there are multiple destinations in your journey. It would be better for you to dignify each of the places you’ve reached before moving on to the next stop. Each stop has a lesson to offer about yourself. Each stop was the result of a hard and long journey. Each stop is yours to own.

Of course, it is a good idea to plan and prepare for what is yet to be. After all, that is why you have achieved the goal you set sight on. But, in this extended decision-making process called life, I have come to understand that the next big thing will never be the one I would be done and satisfied with. Instead, I see that it is beneficial to pick apart what I am in this moment and trace a roadmap to what made me better and correct what made me fall a few times. In that sense, the next journey would include less of the negatives that I may have once nurtured. Likewise, each stop carves out a better me. Hopefully, by the time my life journey ends, my effort to be pensive would have helped me experience the best version of myself.

I hope you don’t mistake this as a call to slow down your pace and zest for growth. Continue to have the hunger and passion to aim high. But as I entered 2019, aware of the upcoming changes about to unfold in my life, it dawned on me that I have to draw upon the experiences of who and where I am now. My life will not get better by waiting for the future, eagerly holding a telescope to peek into what is not in my grasp. So, what do I do now with this thought bubble on waiting for the future?

To begin with, I have taken to just deliberately notice my daily actions and thoughts; note the intricacies of my interactions with others; spot what leads to good or bad outcomes. I have taken to explore the idea of “who am I” from a very practical standpoint, with a basis of who I used to be a couple of years back. What can I learn from me now or change about me in this moment before I face the future me?

Rushing through life to maturity, career development, love, marriage, and the many other things that we set to check off on our to-do list may satiate our cravings for consensus and acceptance. However, this fails to exemplify our powerful desire for life; for unlocking our immense potential to contribute to this world. Think about being in tune with you. Strive to be a better you with each stopover, but breathe in the moment and cherish the present.

At some point in life, who you are now was who you wanted to become.

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