One Is…

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Under the fun of ONE, I found me, then counted two, upon first glance, blinked and then saw ALL three of me looking at me….

…after all, ONE is the loneliest number and the number we all aspire to either become or align ourselves with. ONE is the All and ALL is the One…and as some of us came to sing along with Glenn Goins, of Parliament-Funkadelic, “Everything is on the ONE!”

I find our origins as single celled entities that morph into a co-dependent state of being, with our birth mothers, quite a fascinating journey to observe. Observation of my own journey sometimes challenged me to resist the temptation to bully forward without question. My angels always guided me to pay close attention to my intentions as they compared to my actions…the constant look into the mirrored looking glass has ultimately been welcomed and embraced, but sometimes started with me “kicking and screaming!”

The road of Authentic Review (A.R.) became a process that while having it’s challenged moments and battles with an evolving ego, has become a staple in my garden of higher consciousness…a road I am grateful to traverse daily, all the time knowing:

It takes years and tears to become a “person of the hour” and a split nanosecond to become a spiritual pauper.

So I begin this day, without chagrin, without a worry, but with a determination to be on my ONE and ready to expand my oneness by embracing my truths.

r.u. with US?

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