One Minute of Stillness Yields Huge Returns

How calming your body in one minute can prime you for a creative, limitless mind

You’re so busy. Run to the kitchen to turn on the electric kettle, check your email, brush your teeth, check your email again. No time for anything to foul up your schedule. Off for your run — darn you need to re-tie your shoes. All of this business is part of your success and part of your hard charging, goal setting life.

You do not have time to add one more task, planning session or time slot to your calendar.

I get it.

But, in one minute — 60 seconds — you can gain give your brain and body a creative and limitless benefit that over one week of rinse and repeat, you will see some fabulous benefits.

Doubt it? Good. But try it for 60 seconds and see if you FEEL what I am talking about.

Set your watch timer for 60 seconds. I am going to count this out with you.

Close your eyes, and as you count to yourself one — two — three — four, inhale slowly in through your nose and pretend that your bellybutton is sucking in air first like your filling your belly with a balloon.

Don’t worry so much about technique this first round.

Hold five- six-seven-eight — but don’t tense up your body.

Open your mouth and let the air go out as if you’re letting it out of your shoulders and neck first — nine-ten-eleven-twelve.

Pause — thirtyeen — fourteen — fifteen.

Inhale now through your nose again for — one — two- three- four and envision your bellybutton and nose somehow connected so that your belly is coming out instead of in and when your belly is full,

Hold for five-six-seven- eight.

Now, keeping your eyes closed, exhale through your mouth super slowly for nine-ten-eleven-twelve allowing your shoulders to go down slowly as you exhale.

Do one more round on your own and that should be sixty seconds.

In sixty-seconds you have just calmed your central nervous system. Your mind’s natural radar is reset a bit and your frontal lobe — your creative, objective mind — has more space. For me, I like to do this during the day, three times a day. Set a timer for yourself and see how it makes your day go.

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I look forward to hearing from you as we share this “self-practice” during our busy lives. You can have “it” all. And by using your bodies need to work from a relaxed body, you can get there.


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