One of NFL Star Terence Newman’s Secrets to Success? Sleep

Behind the scenes with the oldest cornerback in the game

At 38 years old, Terence Newman is the oldest cornerback in the N.F.L. by nearly five years. He’s also one of the best.

A New York Times profile outlines the secrets of the Viking player’s longevity: Eight hours of sleep a night, naps, red wine, acupuncture, and no caffeine other than a “daily cup of black tea.”

He sticks to a self-imposed diet that includes crab legs on Wednesdays and sushi on Thursdays, but he is “perhaps most passionate about wine: strictly red, usually cabernet sauvignon or pinot noir.”

At night, drifting off to sleep (for eight hours), what goes through the mind of the aging football player?

“I just think about grapes,” Newman says.

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