One Of The Things I’ve Learned In 9 Years As An Online Entrepreneur Is That…

Being successful.
Hitting 10k months.

It. Is. Never.

About the strategy.

And I know for some of you that may sound slightly ridiculous, but honestly…

I’ve paid to learn from expert strategists.
I’ve bought soooo many of the training programs.

Truth be told, strategy has a tendency to be a bright shiny object. A distraction. A roadblock.

You see the thing is.

Being successful.
Enjoying 10k months.

It’s all about you.

In every way it is about you.
It is always about you.

It’s about your thoughts.
It’s about your stories.
It’s about your fears.

It’s about how hard you make it.
It’s about how complicated you make it.
It’s about how challenging you make it.




10k months…

It’s never ONLY about the work.
It’s never ONLY about the actions.

It’s about your belief.
It’s about your trust.
It’s about your faith.


On all levels.
In all areas.



10k months included…


It’s about the decisions you make.
It’s about the choices you make.

It’s about your desires.
It’s about your passion.
It’s about your purpose.

Stop making it so fucking hard.

It doesn’t need to be that way.
It’s not supposed to be that way.

Stop trying to make everything perfect.

It’s already perfect.
It’s always perfect.

Stop thinking you need more than you already have.

It’s already within you.
It’s always been within you.

Stop looking externally for what is internal.

It’s not about the magic pill.
It’s about you being you.

It’s about allowing the ISness of that to flow through you.
It’s about giving your BEingness permission to shine bright as fuck.
It’s about you accepting that IT already is.

It’s about not pretending to be someone or something you’re not.
It’s about honouring yourself and the very essence of your YOUness.
It’s about being unapologetic.

So. Don’t just sit there.

Berating yourself for not being ready.

For not being worthy.
For not being enough.
For not being deserving.

So. Don’t just sit there.

Telling yourself you need to be and do more.
Over. And over.

Before you can hit your 10k sales goals.

So. Don’t just sit there.

Convincing yourself that there has to be more to it.
That it cannot possibly be that easy.
That simple.

There is not.
And it is.

So. Don’t just sit there.

Telling yourself that you have to do it the hard way.
That you must push.
That without that^ you’ve not done what it takes.

You don’t.
It’s unnecessary.
And you have.

Want 10k months?
Want them now?

Get up.
Show up.
Speak up.
Share your message.
Put out your offers.
Ask for the sale.



Your job is to know what you want.
Your job is to know why you want it.
Your job is to decide that is is yours.

And then to simply…

Have faith.

That the Universe will meet you where you’re at.
That the Universe will escort you to the next level.
That the Universe will present you with opportunities.


The Universe knows.

The Universe knows what is yours by divine right.
And the moment you allow yourself to know, to decide and to claim what is yours.

The Universe will deliver.

Love, Truth & Badassery,
Remember… You Have One Life. Hit The F*ckin’ Button!

✨Queen of the Multiple 6 Figure Mindset✨

P.S. Now it’s your time gorgeous.

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