Our Unfamiliar Adventure

Well, I must say that the beginning of 2018 is certainly turning out to be quite the ride. If you have read my previous posts, you are well aware of the characters that unexpectedly spilled out of my imagination and into a new business; if not, I will introduce them to you. Lulu&Maxwell are a couple of adventurous girls who are currently away on yet another adventure. This time it is in PyeongChang for the Winter Games. I’m not sure how it happened but they made the team in every event. I think the reason for that is that my partner is a very talented illustrator. It has been an extremely busy week for us as well as the characters as we all proceed forward on this unfamiliar but exhilarating path. I hope you follow and interact with us now and in the upcoming adventures for myself, and the characters. Check us out during the games and cheer us on.

Thanks and keep smiling!