Own Your Power Ladies

What keeps emerging as male celebs respond to #metoo is that when women give away their power to ‘manage’ men and navigate ambition in a male dominated world, the shame still falls their way. So keep owning your power ladies. Live from love. Remember who you are.

It’s uncomfortable to accept how expansive and invincible you are as a soul, especially if life has taught you to play small, stay on guard and live in fear of hurt or shame. The image of the goddess, a strong, authentic woman as been hijacked for so long most of us struggle to connect with her.

The goddess nature is not about fickle cultural notions of femininity or beauty. Even the phrase ‘inner beauty’ is irrelevant. The goddess nature is not a matter for judgment. She is. You are.

The goddess nature is the unassailable power of being a female, unafraid to express herself in the world through her art, her work, her relationships, her everyday life. The goddess knows that showing herself, allowing herself to be seen as a real person despite her flaws, clears away the barriers so that she comes soul to soul with others.

There are no rites of passage. You’re born a goddess simply because you’re a female. When you feel less than divine, as we all do, when you don’t feel powerful, it’s not about changing, it’s not about self-improvement. You don’t need fixing or a makeover — but have one if it pleases you.

When in doubt, flow with what you love, connect with the beings you love, and listen to the soul of who you already are. Don’t compromise your power to live from the love that you are.

Maybe the stories you’re telling yourself are not self-supportive, perhaps they’re about hiding your vulnerabilities for fear of hurt. Perhaps you’re tormenting yourself with patterns of thinking that don’t serve you, living with cascades of negative emotions, guilt, self-criticism. Fat, not pretty, old, la la la

All you need to do is acknowledge it for what it is — unhelpful. Let it become the white noise of your world, just leave it and refocus. You’re a goddess and your super-power is to nurture yourself and others from the soul out, by turning the sad stories, the pain and the hurt around into stories of survival, of strengths and creative solutions.

Listening to your life and embodying your identity as a soul is all it takes. You have it, you don’t need to buy it.

Own it beautiful woman. Nothing is missing.

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