Peace & Stillness…

Diem Jones
Apr 27, 2017 · 1 min read
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I believe in me and I believe in you, even if you don’t believe in me. After finding peace on the other side of the noise, the hustle, the bustle, the flims and flams — I only ask that peace stand still so I can feel her.

As a believer in our power and ability to recall any experience, feeling or emotional response, I see the need to amplify these lessons and kernels of joy, so their place on my preverbal experiential filing cabinet is primed for quick access.

I want peace to stand still so I can appreciate her and I become so familiar that I can call her up in times of need.

So on this day I stand still…knowing that I am on the verge of getting it on…on getting it right. Standing still affords me the blessing of reflection, which prompts my ability to recall and apply the lessons, such as peace, to my walk through the jungles of pains, trials and tribulations of the pundits…making peace my shield that rightfully stands still.

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