Physical fitness is important to derive the most out of your meditations

Physical fitness and meditation are intertwined

Photo by Emily Sea on Unsplash

I have been meditating off and on for a long time now. There are several benefits of meditation which are covered beautifully in a zillion blogs and books available in the market, and so, I will not be talking about those.

I started meditating on a fairly regular basis since August, 2017. This was an outcome of the Pranic Healing® course I did that month. The meditations that accompany the basic and advanced courses are phenomenal. The spiritual experiences are surreal.

One of the important things about the meditations, though, is the fact that they bring down a deluge of spiritual energy. For this reason alone, all of our meditations are accompanied by physical and breathing exercises at the beginning and physical exercises at the end.

Physical exercise is necessary to make the body ready to receive and allow the flow of cosmic energy through it. The concept is fairly similar to the flow of electricity through a light bulb. If you pass 1000 watts of electricity through a 100 watt bulb, you know what the result will be. Same is the case with the physical body.

What I have personally observed is that when you start to attract a lot of cosmic energy after continuing meditations for a sufficient period of time, the physical exercises prescribed for the meditations fall short. The body can start to feel lethargic or even weak after meditations.

This is the reason why thousands of years ago Indian Yogis were taught strenuous physical exercises that stretched every single muscle in their body and made it sufficiently flexible to allow the flow of cosmic energy through it.

Some of you may ask why do we need that much of cosmic energy to flow through us? And, if it is harming the body, why do the meditation at all?

Of course, there is no “need” per se. This is for all of us with the madness to connect a little more with this cosmos.

Once you start doing these meditations, there is usually no stopping. Your body and your mind start to look forward to those minutes, sometimes, hours of meditation. Your soul starts to connect with the smaller things around you, and I mean it, even that little pesky cockroach or mosquito!

If you’re one of those who is looking to find this connection, getting into better body shape, both internally and externally, is important. You need to start eating better for the physical fitness.

For better meditation experiences, the body must be very flexible. This allows for the smooth flow of energy through your body. Thus, yoga, stretching, running, dancing, swimming, laughing (remember “The Laughing Buddha”), and exercising in general to increase the flexibility of your body are key to great meditation experiences.