Pitfalls and Sparkles

Rhymes with Blessings and Sunbeams: How to Become a Great Woman

In honor of Women’s History Month here is a 10 step ‘How to’ guide:

Step 1: Do your soul work. The world is filled with many admirable women. I am not going to name names, except one or two. Me and You. Yes that’s right. Even if I don’t know you, if you are doing your soul work and being the change you want to see then I admire you. Call it conditional admiration.

Step 2: Create change. Women create worlds by creating the change they want to see in themselves.

Step 3: Write your own story. Women who write their own story create the present that we want to be.

Step 4: Accept the unacceptable. Women who accept the unacceptable, about their life and self, move through it and beyond it.

Step 5: Unleash your power. What women do with their trauma matters. Trauma holds hidden power revealing our ability to move through it and beyond it.

Step 6: Start with yourself. Great women find what is right instead of what is wrong. We begin with our self.

Step 7: Make peace. Great women make peace with our self.

Step 8: Great women reflect our beauty as treasure.

Step 9: We save our self.

Step 10: Great women reflect the change we want to see.

‘You must do the things you think you cannot do.’ ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

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